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Knowing how to use mother of vinegar is essential for anyone that wants to make more homemade vinegar. All that's needed is a bottle of natural vinegar, red wine and a crock pot. A glass of wine once a week is required to help the mother of vinegar produce more once completed. Enjoy the perks of homemade vinegar with help from a natural beverage developer in this free video about mother of vinegar.

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Video Transcript

Hello, this is Daisy Gray with S.O.G.NIA. We're a natural hibiscus beverage manufacturer, and today I will be telling you how to use Mother of Vinegar. Yes, vinegar has a mother. For this purpose you will need a bottle of natural vinegar, a bottle of wine preferably red and an average Crock-Pot. And now to use the Mother of Vinegar and of course the purpose is to make more vinegar, so if you notice there is a residue that's forming at the bottom of this natural bottle of apple cider vinegar and you can pick this up in any supermarket. If not you'll find it most certainly at your produce store or your local health food store but the slight residue in the bottom of the bottle is actually the mother from which more vinegar can be produced. To do that you would simply empty the contents into your Crock-Pot along with the contents of your average bottle of red wine. You may cover your Crock-Pot with cheesecloth if it's available. If not, go ahead and use the lid and leave it slightly open so there's a little air getting into the Crock-Pot. You'll need to store this in an area where the temperature is at least 60 to 80 degrees in some darkness because the darkness allows the vinegar to form a bit more quickly. You'll notice the Mother of Vinegar thickening as time goes on. Don't forget to feed your vinegar. A glass of wine once a week in order for the mother to continue to mature and produce more vinegar. Thank you for watching and that is one use for Mother of Vinegar.


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