How to Trim Back a Calla Lilly Plant

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Trimming back a calla lilly plant is a really excellent way to encourage new growth all season long. Trim back a calla lilly plant with help from a master gardener with certification in permacultural design in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hello, my name is Jessica Craven. I'm a master gardener and I have my certification in Permaculture Design. So today we're going to talk about how to trim back a Calla Lily plant. So in this first example in the front, I have a Calla Lily plant in a pot that's nicely trimmed back, any old growth has been cut back, there's no dead blossoms that type of thing. So Calla Lilies and Canna Lilies are basically kind of the same thing. After they have bloomed just like this example also they are going to start to die back and at that point what you want to do is you want to have some sharp shears and if it has multiple blossoms like the first example I showed you, you can just once that first blossom has started to die, grab the top of it and at the base you want to cut and remove the dead or dying blossom and what I've done is this example here I'm going to reach down, I'm going to cut and I'm going to pull this off and this particular plant I cut off the blossom previously and I'll go ahead and do this again, you reach down and you cut and you remove that growth and that way as you can see in these ones that I've already cut back, that they will continue to be vigorous and that the energy will be focused on the plant and the leaves so that it again can grow up and have a nice shoot. This one here has got a great shoot starting to come up and will again blossom later this Summer. By cutting back your Calla Lily like this, you'll have a longer growth cycle. The other thing that you want to do is in the Fall or Winter when if it's starting to die back particular leaves, you definitely want to cut them all back and then the plant will continue to grow and flourish again. Thank you and I hope you got some good tips on cutting back your Calla Lilies.


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