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Making tamales is a process that always begins by soaking corn husks in really hot water. Make tamales the right way with help from the spirited, talented, and dynamic owner of Casa Vega in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Christy Vega of Casa Vega restaurant. And today, I'm going to show you how to make tamales. they are so easy, you're going to love to make them at home. So, first we're going to start by soaking corn husks in you know, really hot water, just less than boiling because you don't want to hurt yourself, for about 30 minutes. And then, your corn husk will be nice and pliable and easy to work with. From here, we're going to go ahead and make our tamale dough, which I start always with some masa that you can buy at your local Mexican market. It's a premade dough made out of cornmeal, it's really easy to work with. But if you can't find it, then go ahead and buy the masa that comes in a bag and you just add some water, cook it up a little bit. And you, yourself can make this dough really easy. So, we'll go ahead and we'll add this to our mixer. Again, why do the work, let the mixer do it. To this, we're going go ahead and add one-quarter cup of oil, we're going to add a teaspoon of salt, one-half teaspoon of baking powder, one tablespoon of chili paste. And the chili paste gives the dough a really nice flavor. You can use a lot of various things to flavor your dough, with anywhere from chili paste to strawberries. So, get creative with it. So, we'll go ahead and we'll blend this for about five to seven minutes, just until it gets a nice doughy consistency. So, here I have my corn husk that I've already soaked, and you see, it's a little big, I'm going to go ahead and trim it. And you'll see that on the husk, there's two sides. One, has ridges, you can hear that and one is nice and smooth. So, you're going to want to work with the smooth surface, so your dough spreads nice and easy. So, go ahead and we'll place it on our hand. And then, here I have some dough that I've already mixed, it's ready to go for us. So, go ahead and we'll take a big spoonful, put it on the center of your palm and mix, just gently spread it. Now, the key with tamales, is to not spread it too much, or it'll just get stickier and stickier to work with. So, we'll go ahead and you want to leave room at the sides, oh, there we go, sticky already, the sides and the bottom. So for our fillings, I have some beef that I've already tossed in a little bit of flavoring salsa. And the same with some chicken, it's my favorite trick, whether I'm making tamales or enchiladas, just to toss the meat in a little bit of salsa, give it some flavor. And the nice thing about tamales, you can make them fill it with vegetables, beef, chicken, anything you want. So, I'm going to fill mine with a little bit of the chicken. We'll take it, we'll place it in the center of the dough. And then, to roll your tamale, you're going to take one side, and you're going to bring it to the middle like that. And then, you're going to gently roll it, kind of like a taquito or an enchilada. And we're going to square it off at the bottom. And see, it has all this nice room to grow, because the dough will expand as it steams. So, we have our rolled tamale and we're going to go ahead and put it in a steamer that's already boiling and steaming, ready to go, for about a half hour. What's nice about tamales, you can make anywhere from two to thirty and have fun with it. So, here I have some tamales that I made and they're ready to go to show you what your finished product will look like. And I've opened up the husk to make it look like a little present inside for everybody, and it's a nice way to serve it. So, that is how you make tamales. I'm Christy Vega, thanks for watching and have a great day.


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