How to Remove Buildup in the Dishwasher

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Removing buildup in the dishwasher is something that you'll have to do on a fairly regular basis. Remove buildup in the dishwasher with help from a home cleaning professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Dishwashing buildup got you down? Well, come on, get happy, because I have a quick tip to help you remove the buildup. Step one: Empty your dishwasher. Step two: Add one cup of distilled white vinegar to your dishwasher for the wash cycle. If the buildup is severe, add two cups of vinegar to the machine. Just pour it into the bottom, and let the rinse cycle go. Turn it on, and walk away. Step three: When the machine is finished and cooled off, remove the racks and wipe and rinse them off in your kitchen sink. And then, take a microfiber cloth and wipe down the entire inside of the dishwasher. The vinegar smell may linger for about an hour, but will fade away along with the buildup. Remember to always empty the trap. Check with your manufacturer’s recommendations on how to do this. For maintenance, just repeat every two weeks or so. Thanks for hanging out with Long Island’s home experts, Teresa’s Family Cleaning. We hope these tips help to make your house clean. And remember: Our reputation is spotless! Visit us on the web at Teresa’s Family Cleaning for more helpful hints.


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