How to Sow Pumpkin Seeds

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A pumpkin is essentially a squash that's in a round shape. Find out how to sow pumpkin seeds with help from a longtime and experienced gardener in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I’m Kathy Martin, author of the blog “Skippy’s Vegetable Garden,” a journal of my sustainable garden. I’m going to show you how to sow pumpkin seeds. There are lots of different varieties of pumpkins. A pumpkin is basically a squash that’s in a round shape. There’s orange ones, red ones, white ones. These are some giant pumpkins that get over 100 pounds – one of my favorites is Big Rock pumpkin, which is a nice Halloween-size pumpkin, gets to be about 20 pounds, and I’m going to sow those today. So, I’m going to show you how to plant these in two different ways – first in seed cells that’ll go indoors under lights, and I’ll also show you how to plant them directly in the garden. Pumpkins need to be planted in warm soil, so one way to get a head start on the season, so you want to plant pumpkins three weeks before the last frost. Okay, the first thing for planting in the seed cell is to add soil. I’m using a sterile potting mix, and clean seed cells. I like to tamp down the soil firmly, and then I’m going to add the seeds. Pumpkins get big, so one seed per cell. And pumpkins – I’m using a seed package that is a couple years old. Pumpkin seeds store really well, so you can save your seed from year to year, and it’s a good way to collect lots of different varieties. Next, I’m going to add soil, and the soil goes right on top. A bit extra there. And, flatten it out, tamp it down again. Smooth out the top. These seeds are covered with about a half an inch of soil. Going to label these “Big Rock.” And then, I’m going to water. Now that these seeds are planted, they go indoors under the lights. These are seedlings that were planted about three weeks ago. They’ve been under lights inside. I have three different varieties of pumpkins: A nice big one here, a smaller one, and a medium-size pumpkin. So, pumpkins like it nice and warm before they’re planted outside – in this area, that would be mid to late May. At that time, the nighttime temperatures are above 55 to 60. Okay, now I’m going to show you how to plant pumpkin seeds directly in the garden. Pumpkins like a very rich soil, so I’m going to add a lot of compost. This is compost that I’ve made from my garden waste, and I’m going to add a couple shovelfuls here. Next thing I’m going to do is mix this in with the soil. I have an irrigation system here, so I’m just turning it under a little bit without damaging the lines. Now, pumpkins like to be planted in a hill, and a hill allows the soil to warm up even more by giving the soil some edges where the sun hits. I’m going to plant three pumpkin seeds in this hill, and they just go in about an inch down. And, I’m just going to cover up the holes and pat down the soil. So, now I’m going to label it “Big Rock.” It’ll take four days to a week for the seeds to sprout. And then, later in the summer, we will have pumpkins. And, that’s how to sow pumpkin seeds. I’m Kathy Martin, author of the blog “Skippy’s Vegetable Garden,” a journal of my sustainable garden. Enjoy your garden, and grow some healthy vegetables.


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