How to Make Baskets for Raffles

Making blankets for raffles is a really great way to make some money using something that is simple to put together. Make baskets for raffles with help from a crafts expert in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Linda Hutchinson of L. Hutchinson Designs. Today, I'm going to show you how you can make a raffle basket. If you're having a fundraiser and you want to raise some money by holding a raffle you have to provide a basket as a prize. So here I'm going to show you how to do a sample basket for a scrapbook craft. Here I have a basket, some tissue paper, some assorted craft supplies, a shrink wrap bag, a bow, and a hair dryer. First thing I'm going to do is take the tissue paper and crinkle it up to put in the bottom. Not only does this look festive and pretty but it raises the product up to look more enticing and make people buy more raffles. You can also use Easter basket grass for this. That works as well. Just crumple it in there like that. Then you take your items and you just place them in with the larger items toward the back, working your way toward the smaller items in the front. Just fan them out so it looks really enticing to people. It really makes them want to buy those raffle tickets. So I have here a bag and you're going to use the hairdryer to shrink it onto the basket. You open it up and place your basket inside. So now I'm going to gather it up here and then I'm going to take this bow that came with the shrink wrap and it's really kind of cool. You take these two pieces and you pull. And you just keep pulling and it makes this festive little bow that you just put on the front of the area that you're gathering and just wrap this around a few times and tie it in a double knot at the back. You can tie that into a bow so it looks nice in the back as well if you'd like. So now you have the shrink wrapped basket. The only problem is it's not really shrink wrap and it looks kind of big and puffy. If you want to make it look more professional that's where you take your hair dryer and you hold it on the area where the excess plastic is and it will shrink and conform to the basket. Just like a professional gift basket. And that is how you can make a professional looking raffle basket. My name is Linda Hutchinson, thank you so much for joining me. Bye bye.


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