Grilled Tilapia With Dill Weed

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Grilled tilapia with dill weed begins with two beautiful fillets of tilapia. Make grilled tilapia with dill weed with help from this year’s winner of NBC’s next local TV Chef in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Chef Laura Hahn, chef and blogger for Guilt Free Foodie Cutie here today at The Community College in Philadelphia in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I'm going to show you how to make grilled tilapia with dill weed. Let's get started. So right in this bowl all I have is two beautiful fillets of tilapia, let's spice it up. I'm just going to start with some pepper. Tilapia is a very gentle white fillet so whatever flavor you give it it's really going to add to it. I'm going to add some garlic, some salt. Okay any time I cook with fish I'm always going to add a little bit of citrus so we're doing some lemon juice, not that much for two fillets I'm just using a quarter of a lemon. Now, olive oil. Because we are going on the grill, you want to make sure you oil it very well otherwise it's going to stick and that's no fun. Oil will give you some great grill marks. Okay, let's toss that around. Okay now for your dill weed. It comes just like this, it's just dried dill and you can use a lot of it. It's not going to overpower. Dill weed is a really great seasoning. It's really going to change the flavor of this fish and it pairs really well with the lemon. Alright, give it a toss. Make sure you see that green all over your fish. Okay that looks awesome. Let's go to the grill and I'll show you how to cook it. Now we're just going to take our tilapia fillets and throw them on the grill. Be very gentle, fish is really delicate, especially when you barbecue. Make sure to go diagonal, you want to get really nice grill marks, just like that, beautiful. I have a little extra marinade so we're just going to go right on top. If you don't, that's fine and just let it cook. It's going to be a few minutes on each side. Now just gently turn it, that's perfect. We've got some nice grill marks on there. Now you're just going to gently take your fish right off, beautiful, just like that. Okay, let's take our fish, go plate it up. This looks awesome, let's plate it up. Right here I just have a nice clean plate and I have some pickled carrots and radishes that goes pretty well with that dill because you've got a lot of those seasonings in the pickles but pair it with whatever you want. It can go really good with rice or pasta. So now you're just going to gently because fish is really delicate, take your fish fillet, put it right on your plate. Oh that looks awesome, add a little bit more seasoning, put a little more dill on there just so people can see what it looks like. Oh, that looks awesome, awesome, awesome and that's it. That is tilapia with dill weed. Again, I'm Chef Laura Hahn, chef and blogger for Guilt free Foodie Cutie here today at The Community College of Philadelphia, enjoy.


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