How to Make a Fringed Shirt

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Making a fringed shirt requires you to first find out just how long you want that fringe to be. Make a fringed shirt with help from a seamstress, designer, costumer, tailor and small-business owner in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, this is Mo of Mo West Creations, and today I'm going to show you how to fringe a shirt. So you start out with whatever shirt you want and then first thing you want to do if you're fringing along the bottom is cut the hem off. So just cut it off however long you want your fringe to be. But I'm going to, I want as long a fringe as possible so I'm just going to cut off right above the hem. Great so the next thing is just lay your shirt out flat, get your bottom aligned and then decide how high up you want your fringe to come. So I'm going to have it come up 14 inches. So I'm going to measure with a ruler and mark with a pencil lightly 14 inches from the bottom all along. No wrinkles allowed. And then across. Okay. Next thing you're going to do is just cut strips vertical right up to that line. And you want them to be about an inch but no less than half an inch. You can measure each one or you can just kind of eyeball it. I'm going to start with the sides. Try and make them straight as possible. And I'm just going to cut through both layers. You can go one at a time if you want to or not. Okay once you have it all fringed out what you want to do is pull each one, give it a nice pull. Then now you see why you didn't want to make them any thinner than a half an inch.And there you have it. How to fringe a t-shirt. This has been Mo of Mo West Creations. Ciao.


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