Steps for How to Cut Up T-Shirts Like a Corset Without Sewing

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Cutting up T-shirts like a corset doesn't require years of experience as a professional seamstress. Find out the steps for cutting up T-shirts like a corset without sewing with help from a seamstress, designer, costumer, tailor and small-business owner in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, this is Mo West of Mo West Creations. Today, I'm going to show you how to cut up a T-shirt like a corset without any sewing. So the first thing you want to do is pick out your shirt, line up the side seams, find your center back, and cut about a one inch strip out of it. Straight down the middle. You can also do this in the front if you want your corseting in the front. And if the shirt is quite a bit too large for you, you can cut more out of the back. Once you've cut the back out of your shirt take the strip from the middle and cut it in half. So you have two long strips. And tie them together in the middle so you have one long strip. This is going to lace up your corset. Next you want to line up the back of your shirt again, the cut places. And just measure along and cut about every two inches. Just make a little cut. Not too big. And not too close to the edge. About every two inches. Make them the same on each side. Okay once you've made your holes throughout you're going to want to lace it up. So flip it over. You can start at the top or the bottom and just take that long strip you made and lace it all the way up. So, there you have it. It's all laced up. Once you get to the top you can tie it off or stitch it down and you can do this along with both sides, up the front, up the back. Super easy, no sew corseting. This is Mo of Mo West Creations. Ciao.


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