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Cooking corned beef is something you can do in a very efficient way by using your oven and some aluminum foil. Cook corned beef with help from an executive chef in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi there. I'm Alan Turner, Executive Chef for Agri Beef Co. producers of Double R Ranch and Saint Helen's Beef Northwest. Today, we're going to do a different procedure on corned beef. I know a lot of people like to boil their corn beef. That is a method. It's not my favorite method for corned beef frankly so what I'm going to do is show you a really, really efficient way to do corned beef that's going to give you a really, really terrific product. And it's very simple. By using your oven and some aluminum foil. So St. Patrick's Day around our house is a lot of fun. We love this one. The kids love this one. What I've got here is a mustard. This is a blend of dark yellow mustard and whole grain mustard. You can actually see the mustard grains in there. I'm just going to slather this right on there just like that. Because what we're going to do is we're going to put this in some foil. We're going to tent the foil up to where the mustard is protected and then we're going to put this in an oven. And the advantage of this is all the juices will stay in the corned beef and not boil out into the water. Which I think is an advantage. So lets take this just like this and we're going to set it on this nice, I've got a piece of heavy duty foil doubled over. I am going to give this just a little pepper on top. Plenty of salt in the brine already. So the very first thing I did with this piece was I put this in a pan of water for about an hour. When you buy a pre-brined corned beef it'll be pretty strong and salty so the best thing to do is put in a little fresh water in a pan for about an hour, and that will take some of the salt out of the brine there for you. And it wont be, it'll have that nice beautiful corned flavor but it wont be too salty. So I've tented that up there to where our mustard isn't going to get smashed. And I'm going to go to a 325 degree oven. This will take about 2 1/2 hours. But I already have one done and as soon as I can find my hot pad, I'll take this one out. And that is what it should look like. So you've got that beautiful crust on top. There I can actually touch that like that and I'm going to take this, what I did, about the last half hour I checked with a fork to see that it was done. And my taking a fork and placing it in there I can twist it and see that it twists very nice. That tells me that the corned beef is nice and tender. So lets take that just like that. Check for my grain which goes across that way. Just like that. So I've got that beautiful crust on there. You'll notice the corned beef is nice and juicy inside. And I haven't lost all the flavor into the boiling waters. So this is a terrific way to do corned beef. Hope you enjoy that one. Give it a try some time. And the mustard really, really does add a lot to it. I'm Alan Turner from Agri Beef Co. producers of Saint Helen's and Double R Ranch Northwest Beef. Thanks for watching.


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