How to Decorate a Small Space With Furniture

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Decorating a small space with furniture should always be done while keeping important things like scale and balance firmly in mind. Decorate a small space with furniture with help from an interior design professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I’m Faith Sheridan, Faith Sheridan Design Group in Seattle, Washington. I’m in the Seattle Design Center at the Duralee showroom, and I’m talking about decorating a small space. There are two essential things to keep in mind when you’re choosing to decorate a small space. The first, is scale. Scale is how the size of one object relates to another, and balance refers to the visual weight of the objects to one another. You can see in this small petite chair that I’m seated in, it has a narrow profile, narrow arms, narrow frame, but it’s very comfortable. Oftentimes, we can easily make a mistake when we bring into the room furniture that is not in harmony in terms of scale and balance. Height and proportion, and general characteristics of the furniture, need to have a relationship. The large blue chair that you see now overwhelms the small space. It may be comfortable, but it interrupts the balance of the furniture grouping that you see. I’m going to go back to my smaller chair, the smaller arms, and better proportion, to maintain the integrity and appearance of the small space. Again, this is Faith Sheridan. We’ve been talking about decorating small spaces, keeping in mind scale and balance.


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