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Smoking a turkey can be done either indoors in the oven or outdoors on the grille. Smoke a turkey with help from a longtime culinary professional in this free video clip.

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Hi, I'm John McLemore with Masterbuilt and the author of "DADGUM That's Good!" Let's talk turkey. Two ways to cook a turkey, fried, which is my all time favorite and a close taker to that, is going to be smoked. Neither one of them have anything to do with cooking it indoors in an oven. Today, we're going to smoke a turkey, all you need is about a 12 to 20 pound turkey, depending on the size of crowd you have. Some Butterball Turkey Buttery Creole Cajun mix kit, some hickory wood chips and a little bit of apple. Alright, the most important thing is our smoker and today, we're using Masterbuilt Electric Smokehouse. We're going to add some hickory wood chips and as I said, were going to take some apple juice, we've already got this mixed with half water and half apple juice. We're going to add that right into our water bowl, about half full. During the process, you're going to get some of that juice coming off, of that turkey, that will fill up the rest of that water bowl. Again, we've added our hickory chips, we'll close our smoker up and let it be preheating, we've got it set at 225 degrees. And this recipe is going to be 18 to 30 minutes per pound, depending on how fast you want to cook your turkey, at 225 degrees, it's 30 minutes per pound. This is the Butterball Turkey Buttery Creole, the same marinade that we do all of our deep fried turkeys with. This has all of the ingredients needed to get a great, great flavor, even when you're smoking your turkey. What you want to do, is take that, we've got it completely shaken up, transfer it to a glass of some sort. And then, we're going to take the injectable needle, o.k., you want to make sure that you take out that little plastic end of the needle, and give it a twirl and then, inject. That is about one and half ounces per needle. Here's the secret, just like when you're deep frying your turkey, the same thing with smoking, you want to make sure that you the injectable marinade in multiple locations of that turkey. Don't put one complete syringe in one area. What that does is, creates too much of a pocket of marinade in one area. This is a, about a 14 pound turkey that we're doing today, I recommend Butterball. And we're going to put three complete syringes, maybe four on each side of the breast. And as I've said many times, get the family and the friends, the kids, everybody involved in your cooking. Masterbuilt loves to share our stories, share the experience, and there's no better way of doing that, than get everybody involved. So, when you sit around and taste all of that food, you say, we did it, not just one particular chef or cook. We fight over the wings, so what you want to have, is that needle go right up underneath the skin. And when that plumps up, just massage that marinade throughout the wing. Now, we want to hold this turkey up, we put the seasoning on and get it inside the cavity, make sure that seasoning goes all down, inside of there, o.k. Make sure you get the back and completely cover the entire turkey, the wings, underneath the thigh area. We're going to put it on the bottom rack of the smoker. The reason that's important, is because notice, right up here, we've actually got a beef brisket going on at the same time, and we've got a corn casserole at the same time. Poultry always goes on the bottom because you don't want that raw poultry dripping onto those two recipes. 275, 18 minutes per pound, 225, 30 minutes per pound. So, I'm going to go inside and wash my hands and come back out and show you one DADGUM Good looking turkey. Folks, I'm John McLemore, with another great recipe.


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