How to Install a Chain on a Poulan Chainsaw

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Installing a chain on a Poulan chainsaw requires you to begin by first removing the old chain. Install a chain on a Pulan chainsaw with help from an experienced repair technician in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Mark Sodja. I'm a repair tech at In this video, I'm going to show you how to install a chain on a Poulan chainsaw. We'll get started by removing the old chain. First, I'll remove the two nuts that hold the side cover onto the saw. Before I pull the side cover off I want to make sure that the chain brake is unlocked. Now I can remove the cover. And I'll take off the old chain. Here I have a new chain. I'll pull it out of the package and unwrap it. These can be a little tricky sometimes. There we go. Now you want to pay attention to the direction that the teeth point. You want the teeth so the sharp edge is pointing back on the bottom of the bar. With it pointed the right direction I'll go ahead and wrap the chain around this rear sprocket, into the groove on the bar and then I'll pull the bar so it'll have a little tension on the chain, like that. Now I can reinstall the side cover. I'll go ahead and remove the back off the tension screw so I don't have any tension on the chain initially. And I want to make sure that the tensioner tab underneath the side cover lines up with the hole on the bar. You'll know if it's not because the side cover won't fit snugly against the saw. At this point I'll reinstall the nuts but tighten them only finger tight. Now we need to properly tension the chain. You can use the screwdriver on the end of your scrench, but I prefer to use a long screwdriver. It just makes it easier. I'll turn the tensioning screw until the chain comes up tight against the bottom of the bar. Then I'll go ahead and pull on the top of the chain. And I want the chain to be able to come away from the bar, but I don't want a gap in between the driver links and the bar. So this is a little loose. Tighten it up just a little bit more. Now it's good. Now I'll use my scrench again to tighten up the nuts that hold the side cover on. And that's how you install a chain on a Poulan chainsaw. You'll want to remember that with any new chain, after about the first five or ten minutes of running it you'll want to re-tension that chain because it will stretch a little bit.


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