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Chile rellenos are chilies filled with cheese and baked in a nice red salsa. Get a chile rellenos recipe with help from a nutrition expert in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, this is Joanna Barajas with, and today I'm going to show you how to make chile rellenos. They're filled chiles with cheese and then baked in a nice red salsa. So, the first thing to do, I'm heating my chiles, well actually roasting them over the open fire and you want to stay here and watch them closely 'cause you want them to blacken and then we're going to peel off the skins. Okay. So, these have just been roasting couple of minutes, not even, and you see, you can see it's a little black, you want the whole chile to be that black. So, this one has been already done and you see it's all black and then we're just going to skin it. Okay, so after they've been roasted and they're nice and black, you want to put them right into a plastic bag to sweat and keep that a few minutes, five, 10 minutes so we can peel it later. Okay, so you see it's all black and this really just comes off really easy, the skin and then, you just have to take out the seeds inside. And so, we'll clean our chiles like that. Okay, so now, I run it under cold water just to get off any last seeds and I'm going to fill it with some Monterrey Jack cheese. You can also use shredded, so as best as you can and then I'll use a few toothpicks just to wrap it up very gently. And just remember to take out these toothpicks before you serve them. So, the best way you can and then we'll just do that to the rest of our chiles and they'll be ready for frying. So, I just have three egg whites here that I've separated and we're going to whip them 'till they're really nice and hard. I'll just add a little salt to help us along and whip them up. Okay, so, you can tell that it's ready 'cause we have some nice peaks here when you whip within. Okay, so after our egg whites are nice and whipped, we have our egg yolks, I'm going to add in and I'm just going to kind of stir it around gently so you don't take out the air from the egg whites. And that's our egg mixture. Okay, so I'm just heating up some oil to cover the bottom of the pan and I have my flour ready, my egg mixture ready and my filled chiles here with cheese. So, once that's hot, we're going to dip in the flour, then the egg and fry it. Okay, so, shake off the excess flour and then we'll dip it in here, get a nice coating as much as you can; so we have our chile like that. Okay, so I'm just going to put it in the oil 'cause our oil is nice and hot. You should hear a sizzle. Okay, so our oil is nice and hot, we'll just do these really quickly and be really gentle with them because the cheese can fall out if you're not. Okay. Our egg. Okay, so you just want to cook it maybe like three minutes for the first side and be really gentle. I don't know if you can see that, it's kind of the color you want to get. So, on maybe like three sides of the chile, and you want to keep the heat really high so they get a nice golden brown, but not burning them too. So, when it's nice and golden brown, you want to take them out and put it on a paper towel just to drain the oil. So, that's our first one there. Okay, so now we have all our chile rellenos fried up and ready and I just cleaned out the pan of the hot oi with a bunch of paper towels, but be really careful. And I'm going to put my salsa in there and this is just three tomatoes, a quarter of an onion and two garlic cloves blended. It's kind of messy, but you want it to sizzle like that 'cause you're kind of frying the salsa. I also put a little chicken broth, but you can use water if you'd like and just be careful because it will splatter. But, that's a flavor you want. Now, I'm just going to put the chile rellenos, look how beautiful that is into our sauce and they're going to just bathe in there for about 20 minutes and they'll soak up the flavors of the tomato and we'll cover it with a lid so it can kind of steam. We've got our lid here; maybe like 15 to 20 minutes and then we'll be ready. Okay, so after 15 minutes, we had it on a simmer, you can see that the sauce is kind of reduced down and they're ready to serve. That's about it, you just want to reduce the sauce a little bit and make sure the cheese is melted. And so, you just serve it with a little sauce and you have a delicious chile relleno. Relleno really means filling. So, this is a filled chile and you could serve that with some tortillas, guacamole 'cause the chiles could be spicy; they're Poblano chiles. So, that's our, that's it, that's our chile rellenos. This has been Joanna Barajas with and I hope you get this recipe to try.


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