How to Decorate a Single Ball Topiary

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When decorating a single ball topiary, you're definitely going to want to make good use of some nice green leaves. Decorate a single ball topiary with help from a florist, interior decorator and party planner in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Magda from Bamboo For Flowers, and today I'm going to show you how to decorate a single ball topiary. So, the materials that we are going to use today are a vase, a yellow vase in proportion to the, the topiary, the single topiary. So, green leaves, alright; I cut it in my patio by the way. The flower, I just have this bunch of silk flowers, I took it out of the, the bunch, alright. So, let's begin. First things that we're going to do is we're going to place some of these leaves on the bottom of the, bottom of the container. When I put the topiary like this and then, put the leaves, so the, these leaves, they are going to stay over there. So, it's very simple, you just lift a little bit of the topiary and stick the leaves inside, so in that way you are cover the vase of the topiary. You're going to do this all over, all over, all over around the vase, okay, just like this. Okay, all around, okay and you adjust the flowers. When you go to your patio and cut the, these leaves, try to cut them with and leave the stem long so they don't come out when you stick it over there. Okay. And let's put another one on the back. This one's a little short, but let's see if this one stay. Yes, it does. And let's put this one over here, okay, on the back, all over around the, the yellow vase. Okay. So, like this, okay. After you do this, we are going to select one of your big leaves, okay, and we are going to put it here in the corner, okay, like this. Okay. So, you glue the leaves, okay and then you're going to put it over here. After you do this , okay, you grab your flower, put a little glue here and a little glue over here, some of the glue in your leaves, so, the petals, sorry, and you're going to put it in the way, the flower, in the way that you still can see the green leaves around. Okay. So, see, very nice to do. If you want, you can do the same on the back, okay. Actually, we're going to do the same process on the back and in that way, you can put your topiary because it's round in a place that you can see it from the front, from the back. So, it's very easy to do, I hope you enjoyed this project and see you next time.


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