Stroganoff With Cream of Mushroom Soup & Beef Stew Meat

Stroganoff with cream of mushroom soup beef stew meat is a hearty meal that you can use to feed even the biggest of families. Make stroganoff with cream of mushroom soup and beef stew meat and with help from a longtime and experienced culinary professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hey, welcome to Back to the Roots. It's an urban mushroom farm in Oakland, California. My name is Jared Abbott but oftentimes you'll find me in the kitchen and when you do please call me chef Gerard. Right now I'm going to show you how to make a stroganoff with cream of mushroom soup with beef stew meat and also going to throw in some awesome fresh oyster mushrooms. And you're like hey chef J why oyster mushrooms? Well because we grow them fresh right here. You can't get any fresher than this. They're super healthy great taste and I got tons of them. We're using beef stew meat. It's going to be a little tougher because it's from the shoulder of the cow. That means you've got to slow cook it kind of break those tendons and those ligaments down. Make it tender. It's also going to be really tasty because it has a little bit more fat in it. But first I'll slow cook the meat and pull that out of the pan and cook everything else. Start with a couple tablespoons of pure olive oil. Let it get nice and hot. Going to throw my meat right in there and I'm looking for a sizzle because I'm going to sear the outside of it and trap all the flavors and juices inside. Sounds good. Little bit of sea salt, pepper, black pepper and then flip it over. Get that other side. I don't want to over cook the meat right now because I'll end up cooking it again with the cream and mushrooms and everything. So another minute take this out start cooking everything else up. Couple tablespoons of pure olive oil and I'm also going to throw in a slab of butter as well. I'm just thinking if we're going to be bad let's be bad. I didn't even clean the pan out, just left all that meaty goodness in there as well. It's going to add to the flavor. Let that melt. I'll throw in my shallot. Just one shallot. Two cloves of garlic. About a quarter of a yellow onion. Also throw in these delicious oyster mushrooms in for a couple minutes. Smells good already. Turn the heat down a little bit. Mushroom time. All right so I've got these beautiful oyster mushrooms. The coolest thing is I grew them myself. Only took about ten days comes right out of this box. Grow it right in your home or wherever you want. Open it up, add water. These amazing mushrooms harvest and cook up anything you like. I'm going to throw in to the stroganoff. Here we go. Who's hungry? After you let the mushrooms cook up for a couple minutes, add the cream of mushroom soup. I've got the condensed version so I'll add water as well. Going to throw the meat in there, a little salt and pepper and then let it simmer for ten to 15 minutes and let it get the slow cook to get the meat down. Now I topped it with a little bit of green onion. Could also throw this on top of some rice or some noodles even. Would be really good. I think it's time for a taster. Nice and creamy and those delicious meaty oyster mushrooms. Really good dish. This is how you make a stroganoff with cream of mushroom soup and beef stew meat. I'm Jared but when I'm in the kitchen call me chef Gerard. Who's hungry?


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