Black Bean & Corn Salad With Ranch Dressing

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Black bean and corn salad doesn't use your typical ranch dressing like the kind that you would put on a salad. Make black bean and corn salad with ranch dressing with help from a body and life stylist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I’m Rosie Battista from, and of course I’m not coming to you naked in the kitchen, but I am bringing you a naked recipe. And, we’re going to make a really simple, quick, easy, delicious, yummy black bean and corn salsa with ranch dressing. Not your typical ranch dressing, because we’re not using any oil or any of that horrible processed stuff that you buy in the store. So, we’re going to start out our salad with black beans from a can that are rinsed and drained, chopped tomatoes – I’m using the little tiny grape tomatoes because I find them the most flavorful right now, and some frozen corn. I’m just going to mix this together in a bowl, and then we’re going to take our ingredients for our dressing and mix them in the blender. So, we’re going to add our black beans, chopped tomato, and our corn. I just love the color of that. And then, we’re going to top it with our dressing, which we’re going to put all of our dressing ingredients right into the blender right now. For our dressing, I have a half a cup of almonds, raw. I have a tablespoon of nutritional yeast – great for protein. And, I have two cloves of roasted garlic. So, the simplest way to roast garlic, it’s so easy. You take the whole head of garlic, wrap it in tinfoil, put it in the oven at 350 for about 45 minutes, and then you get this amazing – you just rip it apart and it comes out like paste, and that’s what we’re using for the dressing. You can also add this on the side of any meal – it’s really, really good. I’m going to add balsamic vinegar and some almond milk. And, we are going to whip this in our high-powered blender, because all the almonds are going to emulsify down into a liquid. Yummy ranch dressing. The great thing about this dressing, it’s very satiating because of the nuts, and the oil in the nuts. This is a great side, or even lunch, a snack, or a great side to some fish or grilled chicken. So, here we have our black bean/corn salsa with ranch dressing. I’m Rosie Battista from Ciao for now while I chow on this.


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