French Toast With Raspberry Orange Sauce

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French toast, when topped with raspberry orange sauce, is really a delicious meal all unto itself. Make French toast with raspberry orange sauce with help from the owner of a bed and breakfast in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Anna Maria de Freitas. I'm the owner of the Harrison House Suites, Tucker House Inn, and Coho Restaurant in Friday Harbor, San Juan Island, Washington state. Today I'm going to demonstrate how to make a French toast with a raspberry orange sauce. So we are going to start with our egg mixture. So we need is two eggs and some milk or cream. Just a little dash. And I have some Grand Marnier here and you can use triple sec. Anything with again with an orange flavor. And we'll just whisk this up. And I have a really nice multigrain bread that I've left out overnight just so that it got a little bit stale and little bit dry so it will really absorb the egg mixture. And I'm going to soak it in the egg mixture here. I'm going to get the last piece done. Then we'll walk over to the range. We'll cook them off and then we'll come back here and we'll plate it with the sauce. So let these soak for a few minutes. They're pretty hardy because as I said the bread is multigrain and they soaked overnight so there shouldn't be any problem with the bread falling apart on us. So I'll see you in the range in just a moment. Okay so I have my French toast that's been still sitting in the egg mixture. I have a hot pan that I'm going to lightly spray with some non-stick cooking spray. And a little bit of butter. I'm going to let that melt a little bit. You want the pan to be quite hot so we can get a nice sear on the French toast. Just swirl that around a bit. Here we go. It'll just take a few minutes. I also have a little chicken apple sausage in the frying pan here, just caramelizing that. So the first one we put in so that's kind of ready. Get a little bit more heat on that sausage. There we go. And we'll just wait a moment for this other one. So they're almost ready and we'll let them cook for a few more moments and then I'll walk over to the plating station and we'll put the dish together. Okay so here we have our French toast and some sausage. And I'll show you how to put this plate together. So we'll just lay our French toast right there. And we'll put the chicken sausage right there. So I'm going to take my raspberry orange sauce just drizzle it on the plate. And I have some oranges that I've supremed. I took off the pith and the skins. And I have some blood oranges as well. And we'll just use them as some garnish on top. And we'll put some raspberries around the plate. Finish it off with a little powdered sugar. And some orange zest. And there you go. Here's your French toast with a raspberry orange sauce. Bon appetito, please enjoy.


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