How to Root Plant Cuttings in Water

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Rooting plant cuttings in water is going to require you to have quick access to a few basic tools. Root plant cuttings in water with help from a gardening professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I’m Robyn Jasko, author of “Homesweet Homegrown” and founder of Grow Indie. And today, I’m going to show you how to make root cuttings and root them in water. So, to make a root cutting, the first thing you need to do is to establish what kind of plant you have, and if it’s suitable for a root cutting. Plants like basil or tomato plants are fantastic for making cuttings out of the water because they root fairly quickly – within a week or so you’ll have roots. And then, you can put them in a pot and then you have an entirely new plant without starting another plant from seed. So, you kind of bypass that entire seed process, and you’re able to make – you can probably make, like, four different plants out of just this one, and then they will all continue to grow. So, it’s actually a timesaver as well. So, to start, here we have a basil plant. And, what you do is – this is actually a pretty bushy basil plant, so you would just need to go and find a place where a stem meets a new shoot. And, there’s a bunch on here actually, so you can make a fair amount of cuttings from this plant. You could probably make, like, 10 if you wanted to. So, you would just find a spot here where a new shoot’s coming off, and you take your scissors and you would snip it right there at the base. And then, you could just put this right in water, but to speed up the process a little bit, I recommend using a root hormone gel, and this is actually very affordable – you can this at your plant or hardware store. And, you want to be careful when using this, though – there’s a, you know, just to not to be breathing it in. But, this has a hormone chemical in it where you just dip your plant in it, and you just take the stem end and you dip it in the hormone. And then, you put it in a jar or any kind of vessel – any kind of container with water in it, so that the plant gets water, and it’s going to get oxygen from the water. And, in about a week or so, you’ll have roots coming out of here. So, then after your plant has been in the water for about a week or two and you start to see roots developing, you’re ready to move it into the soil. And then, you have a whole new start. So, to do that, you just take your plant out of the water, and you get your soil medium, and you get your pot ready, and you just put it right in there. And then, you would apply – you’d add water to this. And, you want to keep this out of the sun for a few days, because the plant needs to work on its root structure now – you don’t want it to work on photosynthesis at this point. So, you would just put this in a darker spot of your house for about three or four days, and then you can move it back outside. Then, you have an entirely new plant just from a root cutting. So, I’m Robyn Jasko, and now you know how to make root cuttings in water. Thanks again!


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