How to Cook Sea Urchin

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You always need to cook sea urchin properly to avoid getting sick later on. Cook sea urchin properly with help from the Executive Chef at Siro's of Manhattan in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

This is executive chef, Nicholas Armstrong from Siro's Restaurant at 85, 2nd Avenue in Manhattan and this is how to cook sea urchin. The first thing we're going to do with our sea urchin, how we're going to cook it is we're going to make a Tempura batter, okay I've got 425 grams of flour. I've got 50 grams of baking powder. I've got 50 grams of sugar and I've got 70 grams of cornstarch. I'm just going to go ahead, give that a toss, get all that cornstarch broken up. Alright now what I'm going to do is come in with a little bit of club soda and we'll just mix it up to the consistency that we're looking for and you want to make sure that your club soda is cold too. That's definitely going to help when you are doing Tempura, mix that batter up and make sure it becomes a nice smooth consistency and now we're going to go ahead and make our way over to the deep fat fryer where we're going to dip in our sea urchin and what I have here are actually the innards or the gonads of the sea urchin. It's been carefully scraped out. You can pick these up at most sushi places will have them for you. Okay so I've got my sea urchin here. I've got my deep fat fryer nice and hot and drop the sea urchin piece by piece in. This is a project where you're probably going to be a little messy but that's kind of part of the process so enjoy it. This process isn't going to take very long because usually like I said, when people eat these it's usually raw anyway so you're just kind of looking for the color of the Tempura rather than the actual cooking of the sea urchin. Okay and just try to move it around, make sure they're not sticking together. So basically you just want to make sure you get even color throughout, just kind of flip them around a little bit. I'm going to pull them out, let it drain for a second. I do have a rag here that I'm going to let it kind of absorb the oil and now we should be ready to plate. Alright so now that we have our tempura here we're going to go ahead and just give it a little bit of salt and we're going to start plating up. What I have here is a little bit of remoulade sauce, just put it at the bottom of each spoon. Remoulade is a creole emulsion sauce made with aioli, red pepper, some cornichon, some spices, really delicious if you haven't tried it. Go ahead, I've got some pickled red cabbage here for some texture some of that acid. So now we're going to go ahead and add our tempured sea urchin right on top and take a little bit of apple here and just do some nice apple slices and these make nice little bites for passed Hors D'oeuvres, things of that nature. We're going to go ahead, put our spoons on our plate here. We've got a little bit of chopped parsley, just to top it all off and there we have it, how to cook sea urchin. This has been executive chef, Nicholas Armstrong from Siro's Restaurant at 885 2nd Avenue in Manhattan and this is how to cook sea urchin. Thank you for joining me in Siro's kitchen where it's always about the flavor.


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