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Homemade crackers and cheese trays make perfect finger foods for a wide variety of occasions, like the Super Bowl. Make homemade crackers and cheese trays with help from an experienced culinary professional and caterer in this free video clip.

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Hi, I'm Chef Jeff Heavey with Convivial Catering, and today we're going to make a homemade cheese platter. Today, we have some French brie, some Gruyere cheese, some sharp Vermont cheddar, some French goat cheese, I have some macadamia nuts I have some mixed nuts, I got some red seedless grapes, I have a selection of herbs, I have some fresh basil, some fresh thyme and some fresh oregano .We're going to utilize that both to garnish the platter because I like to have some natural herbs, to give it some nice color, but then we're also going to actually take some of those and chop it up and actually rub the French goat cheese in that and then we have some beautiful Carlsbad strawberries and then we have a little bit honey comb as well to accent and augment the plate and then we're going to be utilizing some classic water crackers as well. So first we'll start to pick some herbs, I have some fresh basil right here, we're just going to do a quick chiffonade of the basil or just a little quick chop so we're just going to roll those up, do a little chop, that's nice, that's going to be nice because they're clean fresh herbs, they'll add a little flavor and accent the goat cheese. We'll take a little bit of the thyme the best way to pick the fresh thyme is you actually take the far end of the thyme and then you go against the, against the leafs and that's the best way to pull off the thyme leafs, that's the fastest way so we'll get a few of that going, we'll get that on there, a little thyme and then the same idea goes for the oregano as far as pulling against and back against the leafs and that's the best way to get those off the stem because you don't want the stem and that ought to be perfect and then we'll just do a quick chop of all those. The nice thing about utilizing the goat cheese as well as the brie is that they're both soft cheeses so if you're having a cheese display then it's easy for somebody to come by and just quickly grab a little bit if ether the brie or the goat. And what we'll actually do to make it easy for your guests is actually we'll cut up both the, both of the Gruyere as well the Vermont cheddar. So now we'll take our Vermont cheddar and we'll cut those up into pieces so it's easy for your guest to grab, just go ahead and cut that in half and then we'll do some nice bite size pieces and so it makes it like a grabbing and go platters so that people can easily, easily get their cheese and get back to what they've doing. Then we will do the same thing with our Gruyere and then we will add our little French, petite French brie, maybe take a little cut out of it, put that in the corner, nice lean on that and then we can add some of our strawberries which I just like to place randomly around the platter and it adds some nice color and gives your guest a opportunity to have a little fruit with their cheese which is always a nice combination, maybe three more, I always like to do every thing in odd numbers. Not a lot of things are even in nature, if you look at leafs and how everything grows it's more natural have to have odd numbers so that's why I like to do that, maybe it's just me. Then let's add some grapes to the platter and I like to cut these so that people can just grab a little, a small little bunch, instead of having a big giant thing of grapes that they have to try to manhandle, we just make it easy for them, one more bunch. Alright, I'm feeling good about that, then we have a little bit of fresh honey with honeycomb in it which adds, it's a nice little sweetness that somebody could either dip their, a little of the goat cheese in or some of the brie, but it's just nice and adds a little sophistication to your cheese display as well and it's delicious, which always helps. Nice, then we'll add some of our macadamia nuts, put those around I like to just do, have it around randomly, what is nice about building cheese display, there's no real rules, it's awesome, it's perfect! You can't be wrong. So I'll throw some more of these mixed nuts around and then I use some of these classic water crackers which are, they're classic and light and won't overpower anything and they'll go well with these different cheeses and I just kind of like to shingle them, layer them on top of each other so people can grab them easily and then throw another little bunch over here, that way they get a little surprise in the mixed nuts under the crackers. Alright and then I like to actually add some additional color with some fresh herbs so well put a little of some fresh thyme on top of the brie and we'll put out some fresh basil and we'll grab a little more oregano. And then also like one thing I like to do is when ever I'm garnishing anything it's, I like to use the herbs that I have utilized in the dish so in this instance we incrusted the brie with oregano, thyme and basil so as we garnish the plate we're going to use, use all three of those herbs, maybe three more strawberries, that I'll dip into the honey and then we will set out our cheese knifes for the brie and the goat cheese and we'll use a little fork for our little cheese blocks of Vermont cheddar. Here we have our house made cheese platter. And I'm Jeff Heavey with Convivial Catering. Eat, drink and be marry!


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