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Star ornaments can make a really great project for a wide variety of different occasions. Make star ornaments at home with help from a distinguished crafts expert in this free video clip.

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Hi, I'm Holly Silva, and I've been a crafts expert for 15 years, and today I'm going to show you how to make star ornaments. Now here I have a piece of yellow construction paper and it's marbled on one side, just straight yellow on the other side. I'm going to use the marble side because I don't want my square, or I don't want my stars rather to be marbled. So I'm going to trace out a star design like so. If you have trouble making a star shape like I do sometimes, you can always just do this because we're going to glue it together so that doesn't matter. So we're going to cut out whichever star design you think is best, I'm going to do this one, maybe you thought the other one was better. This is my star, I'm going to do what I want, do what I want. And then after this, we're going to trace another star shape just around it so that it's pretty identical, as identical as we can get it anyway and then we're going to stick them together, back to back, front to front, side to side and then we're going to stick a little wire through it and make it an ornament and I'll show you how to do all that in just a second. Okay so here's the star, let's trace it now, whoops, that's okay because we lined it up. Now put your good star aside, oh look, the one that we traced actually looks better than the original one that I cut out, who'da thunk it? Isn't it funny how that works sometimes? I don't know how it works but it does. You cut out the first one, it's not so great then you trace it and make an even better one the second time. See I told you, almost identical, not quite. Now it may be a lot faster even if you have an X-Acto knife or something like that, if you are an adult. If you are a child, do not use an X-Acto knife because those things are dangerous and you can hurt yourself or somebody you love. So we're going to take some Elmer's glue now and we are going to trace wherever we want, and you know what, to be completely honest, your star ornaments don't even have to be yellow. They can be any color you want, a star is a shape. A star is not a color. In fact the stars in the sky are not shaped like this. They're actually just bubbles of hot burning gas. So you can even make it a circle if you want which would kind of be weird and you know, whatever. If you are really scientific, if you are like a super scientific type of individual, then you know, you could get away with it but for now we're just going to stick to the shapes, okay? So we're going to take our glitter and I'm taking gold because gold looks really pretty on yellow sometimes or you could take any color glitter that you want on any, like I said, on any color paper you want and we're going to do this, there's that and then we're going to do this, there's that, okay. Now what we are going to do is we are going to either flip this one over, when I say this one I mean the star, it doesn't matter which one because you're going to do both. You're going to either flip them over and glue them or flip them over and double stick tape them, whatever you do, if you are going to do any of these, any of the two, either of the two, you may want to make sure that your glitter on the other side has dried. Now as you can see I glued both sides, you don't have to do that but I like extra glue sometimes, just to make it really stick and it may take longer, but when it dries, it will be extra stiff. So this ornament will last you a really long time, okay, so now that we've done this, put the sides together and that will fit, okay. Now what we're going to do is take some craft wire and just a little piece, we don't need a whole lot, maybe two inches, three inches and then we are going to take the craft wire and poke a hole through one of the corners of your star. Now once you poke it you're going to pull it up and twist it a little just to make it hold and then, take the top end rather of your wire and turn it over like that to make a little hook and then you hang it on your tree. And that is how you make a star ornament. See you next time.


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