Cleaning Carpet With Homemade Products

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Cleaning carpet with homemade products is surprisingly effective if you use the right technique. Clean carpet with homemade products with help from a home cleaning professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Reena for And today, we're talking cleaning carpets with home made products. We have so many products behind our cupboard doors and we can use them for all kinds of different purposes. We all have messes no matter how hard we try, we spill things on our carpet and there's easy fixes. For example, the next time somebody spills oil on your carpet the first thing you want to do is take some corn starch and sprinkle it onto the area, the corn starch immediately will absorb a lot of the oil and then you can just wipe it away, if you don't happen to have corn starch on hand you can also use dish soap and water, pour that onto the area and within minutes the stain will be gone. Dish soap is a great grease cutter so it's really good solution. Another type of stain is dye, for dye stains you typically want to talk to the manufacturer or a professional carpet cleaner, see how do you get rid of that stain? That's a tough one. And there's complicated stains which are a mixture of a whole bunch of different things in our homes and they're called barbeque, ketchup, spaghetti sauce, salsa, those kinds of stains. What do you do? Well the first thing you want to do is you want to scrape up as much of the stain as you can and then take a hot cup of water and dip a white cloth, always use a white cloth, never a colored cloth and put that onto the stain and wipe away as much as you can. You really don't wipe too hard, you want to blot and dab because you don't want to push the stain further into the fibers, after you've put hot water onto the stain, take some cold water and put that on the stain, next add some dish soap to another cup of hot water, put that onto the stain and then do the same with dish soap and cold water and this is a really good way, you continue and you repeat to get rid of that stain. Then we have products that are protein stains, these are things that come from the body like eggs, yogurt, milk all kinds of those types of stains, what you want to do is never use hot water on a protein stain, you always want to use cold water because heat will set the stain so again dish soap and water is the first thing you want to blot onto the carpet to remove that stain. The trick is to get it as fast as you can so cold water on protein stains. If somebody comes along to your house and happens to spill red wine on your carpet, if you can take some white wine and pour that onto the stain, immediately this will neutralize the color and then blot it up, if you don't happen to have white wine you can use Borax, put that onto the stain or salt and what you'll notice is that immediately the salt will change to a pink color, let it dry and vacuum it up then using dish soap and water, blot the stain, if that doesn't get rid of the stain, then use Borax, sprinkle that onto the area, put on some water, just until it's damp, leave it for a few minutes and wipe it away. Now sometimes we have stains that are just very difficult to get out, blood is one of those stains and when you have blood, you can use dandruff shampoo, pour that onto the stain, wipe it, leave it for a few minutes and you'll notice and right before your eyes, that stain will start to disappear. If you need some kind of a formula or recipe to get rid of a stain that's been there for a long time on your carpet, such as old wine stains, pet stains, coffee or tea stains, here's a great formula, in a cup measure, add about a quarter teaspoon of dish soap, that's all you need and then you would pout that onto the and blot with a white cloth, after that take a half a cup of 3 percent hydrogen peroxide and this can be found where Band-Aids are sold in any grocery store and add two tablespoons of household ammonia, combine the two and pour that onto the stain, blot the area and here's the really important secret, take some plastic wrap and put it right onto your carpet and take a heavy book, place this onto the plastic, leave it for 12 hours, after 12 hours remove the book and the plastic wrap and check out your stain because often times, it'll be gone. I love to use vinegar on any stain that I've treated just in case there's any color left, I don't want it turn brown and vinegar helps to neutralize the stain. Well, that's a lot of information, but it will really help and it's all products that you have on hand. I'm Reena from


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