How to Make a Simple Meatloaf

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Not all meatloaf recipes call for a lot of complicated steps. Make a simple meatloaf dish with help from a home economist in this free video clip.

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Hi, I'm Joy Harris, a Florida home economist. In this video, I'm going to show you how to make a simple meatloaf. Now, for this recipe, you start with one pound of ground beef and one pound of ground pork. And you just want to mix the two meats together. And make sure the ground beef is a lean ground beef, so that you won't have so much fat in your finished product. And then, to this, add two eggs that have been slightly beaten. The purpose of the eggs in the recipe, is only to hold the meat together, so that it'll form in a loaf, in a loaf pan, and so it'll hold it's shape. But, because you're also going to be adding other ingredients, other than just the meat, because a hamburger will hold together fairly well. But I'm adding vegetables to this, so the egg will help hold the vegetables in with the meat and bind it. Now, for this recipe, I'm using a half a cup of green peppers, and a half a cup of chopped onion. Now, you can add a variety of vegetables at this point, or substitute. For instance, instead of the green peppers, you can add chopped spinach. This is frozen chopped spinach that I've thawed and sometimes, I add that yo my meatloaf. And if you don't like the flavor of peppers and onions, then you could add some chopped carrots. And that would be more of a vegetable meatloaf, either one would be delicious. And then, to add more flavor, a half a cup of ketchup, this gives it a nice red color. But as an additional flavor boost, for extra moisture in here, add one cup of barbecue sauce. Now, some meatloaves call for ketchup only and then, you take the extra ketchup and might add a sweetener to it, like corn syrup or brown sugar. But for this recipe, I'm using my favorite barbecue sauce and reserving a half a cup of it, to go on top. Now, it's very wet right now, so the last ingredients that you're going to add for binding this together, is a dry ingredient like oatmeal. This is a half a cup of oatmeal. Now, you could at this point, add crackers, just some leftover crackers, and crunch those up. Or, you can take bread, stale bread and tear it into tiny pieces and add this to your meatloaf. Now, if you're going to use the bread instead of the oatmeal, you'll need to add a little more than a half a cup, probably a cup or to there. And I'm going with the oatmeal today, because this is my favorite combination. Now, once you've mixed all these together, you can add a little bit of pepper to taste, and even some salt. I like to use a little sea salt in my meatloaf. Blend all this together, you can see the nice chunks or bell pepper, green pepper. and onion. And then, this goes into a loaf pan. The loaf pan doesn't need to be greased, because it'll still be greased from the meat, that as it cooks, it'll cook out. Put that into your loaf pan. Now, a lot of people like mix the meatloaf with their hands, I prefer to using a spoon. And then, pat it down as tightly as you can in the pan and then, also you want to push it away from the sides and kind of mound it up. That way, as it cooks, the fat will run to the sides of the pan. And you put this in the oven for about an hour. Then, take it out and with a spoon, remove any of the fat that has accumulated around the sides, so you'll have a nice, lean meatloaf. And at that point, you add the additional half a cup of barbecue sauce to the top. And then, you have a very simple meatloaf. It's easy to make, I know you can do it, give it a try. I'm Joy Harris, and that's how you make a simple meatloaf.


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