How to Cook Italian Pastas

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Various Italian pastas need to be cooked in different ways depending on exactly what type of pasta you're talking about. Find out how to properly cook Italian pastas with help from a longtime experienced chef in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Joe Fonatanals. I'm the Executive Chef of The Sheraton New York in Times Square, and today we're going to talk about cooking pasta. So, the most important thing about cooking pasta is the water and how much you use. You want to start with a real rapid boil and you really don't want to lose the boil even when you add your pasta. It's going to cool the water down, but you want that boil to come back as quick as you can so they'll cook the pasta perfect. So, the ratio we use is five quarts of water for every pound of the pasta. As you can go up in, in pasta, the amount of pasta, the amount of pasta, you can just continue to go up in the amount, with the same amount of water. For that much of water, you're going to use two ounces of salt. What the salt is going to do is it's going to flavor the water. It's also going to bring the water that's boiling to a faster harder boil. So, we're going to bring the water up to a rapid boil, we're going to add our salt. As soon as the salt gets in there, it's going to bring it up to a harder boil and then we're going to add our pasta. We're going to cook our pasta 'til al dente. Al dente is to the tooth and there's, there's so many different things that really describe al dente. The best thing to do is take a piece of pasta out of the water when you think it might be done. Take a bite, if your teeth can go through it without a huge crunch but it's still has some resistance, it's perfect. Don't waste anytime, take the pot right to the colander, pour it off. Then, you're going to have the pasta in a colander and don't rinse it. You're going to go right to your sauce, whatever your sauce might be and right out to the, to the guests or to your family. My name is Joe Fontanals. I'm the Executive Chef of The Sheraton New York at Times Square and I hope you like the pasta.


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