Recipe for Butterscotch Brownies

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You can make delicious butterscotch brownies right in your very own home using a very important recipe as a primary tool. Get a recipe for butterscotch brownies with help from an experienced culinary professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

I'm Hi, I'm Dédé Wilson, and I'm gonna show you how to make butterscotch brownies. They're sometimes called blondies because they don't have any dark chocolate in them, like you would think of in a regular brownie. The butterscotch flavor comes from brown sugar and butter, and it's just a great addition to your bar and brownie repertoire, and they're super easy to make. You can also find this recipe in my book, "A Baker's Field Guide to Chocolate Chip Cookies." So, it starts with one stick of melted butter, and I did this in the microwave with this microwaveable bowl, but you could certainly do it on top of the stove. And, to the melted butter, I'm going to add a good amount of brown sugar. Now, this is light brown sugar, but you could certainly use dark brown, if you like, and the brownies, the blondies, will be even richer in flavor. So, just whisk around the brown sugar. There's no white sugar, whatsoever. We're really accentuating the butterscotchy flavor by using a hundred percent brown sugar. To this, we're gonna whisk in some vanilla extract. And, I like to use pure vanilla extract and an egg. This is a large egg at room temperature. And, the butter and the brown sugar combine, and you can just smell this butterscotchy aroma. Now, to this, we're going to add our dry mix, which is all purpose flour with a little bit of salt and a little bit of baking powder, and this is gonna go into here, and actually, at this point, I'm gonna switch to a large rubber spatula, and I'm just going to sort of half stir, half fold in, this dry mix. Now, you could certainly make these butterscotch brownies just like this, and not add anything else to them, but I think it's really nice to add nuts or chocolate chips, or what I'm gonna do today is I'm gonna use both, but those are really optional for you. So, I've decided to do some semi-sweet chocolate chips and I'm gonna leave a few extra, I'll show you what we're gonna do with those in a moment, and some walnuts, and I'm also gonna leave a few of those aside. Fold these in, and that's all there is to it. We made this in one bowl. That's why I like melting the butter in the microwave because this way, I have combined all my ingredients in one bowl, I have less to clean up. This is now ready to go into our pan. So, you can see it doesn't look like a regular brownie, it's blonde. That's why sometimes, they're called blondies, or in our case, we're gonna refer to them as butterscotch brownies. Now, we're just gonna spread the batter evenly in the pan, to the corners, in an even layer. There's a little bit of baking powder in here, so they will puff up a little bit once they're baked. And, now, those reserved chocolate chips and nuts, what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna use them to just sprinkle on top. They're gonna make the butterscotch brownies look extra delicious. Same thing with the nuts, that's all there is to it. This goes into a 350 degree oven, just until a toothpick tests clean, and I'll show you what they look like when they're done. These are baked and cooled. They baked for about 25 minutes in a 350 degree oven, they're just lightly golden brown. A toothpick inserted in the center still came out with some moist crumbs clinging, so now we're going to cut them. This is my preferred technique for cutting bars and brownies. I like to use a bench cutter. It's gonna go down, all the way across. You can obviously cut them in whatever size that you like. You can use it to loosen them up from the sides, as well. And, then a small offset spatula will help us get them...that first one's always the hardest one to get out, but look, it came out really cleanly! And because we were generous with our pan coating, they're not sticking and here you have your butterscotch brownies. Now, again, just to remind you, if you want to leave the chocolate chips and nuts out, you can. If you wanna just use one or the other, feel free. If you wanna use milk chocolate chunks, or even dried fruit, you could do raisins, dried cherries, any of those would work very well here. And here you go! Moist! Look at this! Oh! Mmm! Butterscotch flavor from the butter and the brown sugar and the vanilla, and the salt really helps with that flavor as well so make sure to include it, and I really like the walnuts and chocolate chips! I'm Dédé Wilson. You can find this recipe for butterscotch brownies at, the baker's resource!


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