Cooking Steak With a Cast Iron Skillet

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One great way to cook delicious steak right at home is through the careful use of a cast iron skillet. Cook steak with a cast iron skillet with help from the winner of the Food Networks Extreme Chef “Mexican Showdown" in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Chef Amadeus, and today I'm making, I'm cooking steak in the cast iron pan. And one of the reasons I like cooking in a cast iron is one, the heat distribution is evenly all the way through. They're easily cleaned, they, the uptake on is very easy to do and you can get down in places without spending a lot of money and you don't have to spend a lot of money. I get mine from antique stores, thrift shops and garage sales and things of that nature because it's just, they're, they're, they last for a long time. Just trust me, they, you can't go wrong with them. And the rub that we're going to do today is, it's an all-purpose rub that I made and it has brown sugar, there's Lil Bump and Chino 5. And my Lil Bump spice, it has black, white and red pepper, oregano, thyme, basil, onion and garlic. And then on the Chino 5, is my version with Chinese five space. It has lemon zest in there, it has cloves, black pepper, cinnamon, fennel and star anise. And with the protein, any protein you cook, you want to get it at room temperature. This is a flat iron steak and one of the reasons I chose a flat iron steak is because it's a really inexpensive piece of meat that tastes really well and it has a lot of flavor to it. So, we're just going to rub this on both sides. I have my cast iron pan, it's very hot, I'm going to cook this until about a medium and that's what I like mine, about medium. And this rub that, that you make up, all you have to do, make, I'll make it up all the time, make big batch up and then, I actually put it in a Ziploc bag or when I'm at the house, I actually have it in a bowl right next to my stove 'cause I cook a lot. This is one of my favorite rubs that I do. And so, pretty much you got your, your cast irons and this go. And the brown sugar is actually going to caramelize so you can get a nice sear on this. Like I said, depending on, on how you like it, is depending on how, how far you cook that. The other thing I like about the cast iron, as I said in the beginning, it's about the clean-up with this. When you get done cooking on these, all you have to do is run them on the, on the hot water; I use hot water and scouring pad and I just scrub it down. And then, when you're done, wipe it down with oil, always keep it oiled down. Whenever you wash it, just wipe it down with oil and never ever put soap and water on it because soap and water will take the season off of it and then you have to go through the whole process again. As you see your steak, as it turns gray, it comes gray from, from the bottom to the top, that's how you know when your steak is, how your steak is being cooked. So, when it comes like halfway, like a quarter way up, you want to flip it over and do the same thing other way, that way you know it's around medium. And the color on there, like I said, that's the, that, that crust is the brown sugar, the, the Chino 5 and the Lil Bump. That's what all that crust there. That's what you want on there. And the cast iron pan will give you that crust that you're looking for. As you can see, this is how it's medium; it's not well-done. And can, and remember this, when you're cooking steaks, they will continue cooking even when you take them off. So, they'll continue to cook after you take them off because of residual cooking. And here your steaks cooked in a cast iron skillet.


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