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A bistro steak salad is both a great way to begin a meal and makes a great meal in its own right. Make a bistro steak salad with help from an experienced culinary professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Good afternoon. I'm chef Jackson Lamb at the Hospitality Learning Center at MSU Denver, and today we're going to discover how to make a steak bistro salad. All right. So couple of issues. We're using a steak in this application the steak can be either cold or warm. We're using a steak that we cooked previously today and we're going to go in to a wooden salad bowl and we're making a dressing today that contains extra virgin olive oil, red wine vinegar, a little kosher salt. We also have fresh garlic in there as well as fresh lemon and we're going to top it off with a little Parmesan cheese and on top of that we're going to put our cooked steak. So with that let's see what we do here. I've already assembled my ingredients in the bowl. They just have to be whipped up. So I'm going to take two forks and I'm going to separate them and it's going to make little bit more of a whisk, if you will. And I'm going to go ahead and I'm going to whip this salad dressing up. I want to make sure that all my ingredients are well blended. Once we've gotten that far I want to come over here with my salad and bring that in here. You can use hearts of romaine, you can use iceberg, you can use chicory, whatever lettuce you like. Arugula is another great one to use. Well once we have all this product in here, I'm going to toss my dressing in my salad together. Think of this, this is a vinaigrette dressing, which is very thin and it's going to go to the bottom of the bowl constantly. Bring the bottom of the salad up to the top so we're constantly tossing the salad. There we go. And as we separate this rather as we toss this and toss this, wonderful. Now I've got lettuce that's totally saturated. We're going to come back on to the plate, but first watch this technique. We're going to take our pepper mill. We're going to pepper the plate. When we put pepper directly on a salad, it's hard to determine how much pepper we've put on the salad. When we put it on the plate, we can see how much pepper there is. So sometimes if the situation warrants it at your home, pepper the plate instead of the salad. That done, we're ready to introduce the salad on to the plate. We're going to add the cheese and then we're going to add the steak. So let's do it together. All right. And as I bring my salad over, I want to go ahead and fill the plate up. We want to be careful to keep the food off the rim of the plate. In the restaurant industry, that's a no no, being on the rim. We want to stay within the middle of the plate. Beautiful. Once we plate the salad, we're going to add our Parmesan cheese over the top. Here we go. Make sure that's evenly distributed. This cheese was actually cut with a carrot peeler. A different way to take the cheese. Consider that at home. Next we're going to come over to our steak, which is right here, and what we'll do is using a fork to hold it, we're going to go ahead and slice this in bite sized slices so that we will not need a knife when we're eating our salad. And as I slice all that up, beautiful, I'm going to bring my salad over and using my forks we're going to go ahead and dress this bistro salad with this beautiful medium rare sirloin. Ladies and gentlemen, that is a bistro steak salad. I'm chef Jackson Lamb, thanks for watching.


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