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Grilled corn dip can make a delicious addition to a wide variety of different meals. Prepare grilled corn dip with help from an experienced professional chef in this free video clip.

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Hi, I'm Chef Ken with Ken Patrick Culinary Group, and today, I'm going to show you how to make a delicious charred corn and crab dip, o.k. We're going to be serving it with some fresh avocado. And I'm going to take these avocados, we're going to show you how to take them apart and peel them in the best way to get the meat out of the avocado. And we're going to add a little pico de gallo to that, we're going to make some homemade tortilla chips, they tale two minutes to make. Fresh tortillas, the best way to go. Don't go buy them in the store, you can make them at home. Once you get, you go to the store, you get some fresh corn on the cob, don't get the frozen stuff, fresh is always best, o.k. So, what I've done is, I've taken some fresh corn, removed the husk and this is what you have, nice, sweet yellow corn. So, the easiest way to remove corn from the husk, is you take the corn, you set it down. Some people will set it down on a towel, or something like that. What I like to do is, I set the whole cob down, and what I do is, I take my chef's knife. And I just go around and I shave the corn off the husk. And that's basically it, it's fresh, it's what they do, is when you go and you buy it in the store, it's frozen, this is the process. So, once everything is removed, this is what you're left with, just the husk itself. Like I said, save it, put it in some zip bag, save it for a couple days, boil it down , make your nice corn stock for a nice corn chowder, or something like that, o.k. It's getting cold outside, winter's approaching, you know, make yourself some nice corn stock, o.k. I've taken that fresh corn that I've removed from the husk, put it into a pan, you know, I'm going to add a little red onion to that. It doesn't have to be red onion, it doesn't have to have red onion, o.k. So, I'm going to take my cooking wine, a little white wine, I'm going to heat it in the pot. I'm going to let that alcohol kind of evaporate, let it you know, put out some flavor, let it concentrate the flavor of the corn, o.k. So, we're going to take this over and I'm going to show you the other ingredients that you want to cook right into this to make this very delicious, hot corn dip, o.k. So, now, the corn, onions, kind of calm down a little bit, you kind of want to let this cool down a little bit, o.k.. Not all the way, because you kind of want a little heat to melt the cheeses and things that I'm going to be incorporating. So, I'm going to add a little sour cream, alright, we're going to add a little queso fresco cheese. One of my cheeses, next to Cotija cheese, some, little Jack cheese, alright. So, now, in the pan, we have the corn which has cooked and charred nicely with the onions. So, all of our cheeses have kind of melted together. O.k., so, now, I have some lump crab meat, o.k. You don't have to ad crab meat to it, but I think, crab meat gives it a whole, another layer of flavor. Alright, so, to the pot, we've added the lump crab meat. So, what you want to do is now, incorporate it altogether, don't go in there, breaking everything up. You just kind of, want to fold it over, get everything incorporated in a pan. What you want to do is, now, take a casserole pan, pour it inside the casserole pan, put it in the oven, 20, 25 minutes. Pull it out, nice and bubbly, kind of golden brown on top, everything's melted together. I'm going to show you how to do that. So, when you buy, generally when you go shopping for avocados, get about two or three, if you need to, get three. Because when you take them home, you never know what you're going to get when you open them up, o.k. So, to remove the pit, you insert your chef's knife into the pit, take it out, pop it out like that. Get your chef's knife, and what you want to do is, you want to score the avocado, o.k. You score it like, you make cross head bars, o.k. So, what that's going to do is, give you a perfect dice. So, now, into the pico we go. So, you see how everything is perfectly coming out of that avocado, it's perfect, alright. So, perfect dice, everything is diced, the onions are diced, the tomatoes are diced, the poblano peppers are diced. And we add a little lime juice, some red onion to that. And that's basically it. O.k., we're going to be serving that with some fresh tortilla chips. Our hot, bubbly corn dip is getting all happy. Now, we're going to take it out in a few minutes, we're going to show you how we plate it up, o.k. And that's what you want, a nice, bubbly corn dip, o.k. Nice corn, crab, a mixture of cheeses, all gooey going through there. We have our little pico with avocado to that. O.k., so, basically for the plate up, you know, you're watching a game, you know, you're kicking back, you know, with your buddies. So, what I like to do is, take some of that, and look how delicious that looks. O.k., so, I've put a little of my nice, steamy corn dip on a plate. Alright, serve that with some nice homemade tortilla chips. Alright, we'll bring a little pico, just right on our plate, just like that, with that nice avocado, everything is kind of ooey-gooey, melted together. O.k., so, basically, um, the sweetness from the corn, the sweet crab meat, the cheeses, everything run together, the smoothness of the dish, that little avocado, pico, it's a home run. I guarantee, you make this at home for your buddies, or your kids, you'll be a rock star at home, I guarantee you. I'm Chef Ken with Ken Patrick Culinary Group, I just showed you how to make a nice corn dip with homemade tortilla chips and avocado pico.


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