How Much Ribbon Do You Need to Make a Large Bow for the Top of the Christmas Tree?

Making a large bow for the top of your Christmas tree is going to require a very specific amount of ribbon. Find out how much ribbon you'll need to make a large bow for the top of your Christmas tree with help from an authority on entertaining in the home in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Coryanne Ettiene, and today I'm going to be showing you how to make a beautiful ribbon topper for your Christmas tree. Making a ribbon topper is actually much easier than you may think. The first think you want to do is measure the height of your tree. The height of your tree will act as the length of the ribbon streamers that you'll be using to hang down from the top of the bow. The next thing you want to do is measure the diameter of the tree at the top, that will act as the width of the tree. Now, making a decoration for this tree here which is just a few feet tall, what I've done is take two ribbon streamers, pre-measured and cut. This will act as my decorative streamers. Connect them by using a similar colored pipe cleaner. Nothing challenging really, just position it around and give it a little twist. And then set them aside to attach to your bow a little later. Now, if you've ever learned to tie shoe, tying a ribbon is about the same thing. Practice makes perfect. Believe you me, I've been practicing. Leave about a half of yard of length from the top of your ribbon. And today, I'm using a natural fiber ribbon with a little bit of wire, but really, there are so many different materials that you can use for the ribbons and you can make small ones to big ones, so be creative as you like. Start by creating a small loop. Ideally your loop should be about a half a yard to a yard to begin with and grow out. For a full ribbon topper, look for ten loops. So, the first one goes around and then you bring it back and give it just a little twist. And then repeat the process until you have ten beautiful loops. Remember, one should be slightly longer than the rest. Now, there are so many variations to creating ribbons and bow toppers, everyone has the right and the wrong way to do it. But, I think visually, there's not much difference between one or the other. So, if you messed up, don't worry, that's what fun crafting is all about. So, I'm about halfway through now and I want to have a look at my beautiful masterpiece. So, I've got one, two, three, four sides. So, I want to keep looping and I want to start by making my loops just a little bit bigger at this point. So, remember, you hold it flat and you twist. You bring it around and then you twist again. Now, when I was practicing for this, I use small ribbons to begin with and I tell you, they are going to completely change the way I give gifts this year. I have so man fun small ribbon toppers that I'm going to use at the tops of my gifts. It's amazing that I've never tried this before. So, now, I have my completed ribbon bow and I'm going to secure it with one of the pipe cleaners. Now, I chose a natural color pipe cleaner so that it would match the natural fabric of the ribbon. But, if you've just got wire lying around, you can use that as well. Secure it and give it a nice twist all the way around. And then using that original length that you had from the beginning, use your scissors and give it a little trim. Don't worry if it's a little bit rough right now, you have plenty of time later to make it beautiful. Then, you want to take your ribbon streamers that you've pre-cut before and attach those to the pipe cleaner from the top of your ribbon. Leave two ends in the back, that will allow you to fasten the ribbon to your Christmas tree later. And then wrap around. So, already, you've got a beautiful decorative bow. All you need to do is hold the streamers that you have, that should be a total of six streamers, two short streamers and four long streamers. Hold them nice and tight and then give your bow the width and the fullness that you're looking for. I use a light wire on this, but certainly you can find ribbons with very firm thick wires. It's coming together. And now, you've got a beautiful natural Christmas ribbon topper that you can use to decorate a wreath, a garland, a beautiful gift or of course, your Christmas topper. My name is Coryanne Ettiene, wishing a beautiful holiday season.


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