How to Make Mexican Chilaquiles

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Mexican chilaquiles need to be prepared in a very particular way for maximum authenticity and taste. Find out how to make Mexican chilaquiles with help from a trusted chef in this free video clip.

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Hi, I'm chef Eric Brenner with BOLD Organics, producers of allergen-free foods including a delicious pizza line. Today, I'm going to cooking for you a vegan casserole. This one is a, pronounced technically chilaquiles which is a Mexican casserole. I'm going to be doing that with sweet potatoes. A tomatillo salsa, and we've got some corn tortillas. The first thing I'm going to do to start off is in place of the cheese, this would technically, normally be a sour creme. I'm using a silkened tofu, and then in place of the milk I'm going to be using a soy milk. And I'm going to quickly beat this together. Before I stated working on this I started some tomatillos. Which are represented right here. Thea are just little green tomatoes that have a nice little husk. They're very traditional to the Mexican food . And I'm going to get into those real quick. So here we have the mixture of soy milk and a silkened tofu. This is going to mimic our sour cream. What I've also got is the tomatillo, which I just have husked. So you remove the husk and then you take the top off and then you just want to cut these into quarters, so you'll just cut them into quarter like this. And then I just set these into the pot. In the pot I have just a little bit of vegetable stock, about a cup and a half. So, I've cooked that down and as you can see, it's kind of reduced down quite a bit. This took about 4 minutes. To this I'm going to add two jalapeños, just roughly chopped, one clove of garlic, and I have about a 1/2 cup of fresh cilantro.Now these ingredients are going to be blended together. You could use a food processor. I prefer the immersable blender. So just get this in there and get everything pressed together. You want it to be the consistency of a nice thick salsa. Okay and there we have our salsa, and you'll see that the texture of this is very nice and kind of chunky, and still nice and smooth. Beautiful green vibrant color. The smell coming off of this is that fragrant cilantro, It's beautiful. What I'm also going to do is slice an onion to add to that. I just want to show a real quick knife skill. Always hold the knife with your two fingers on, and this is called the bolster. If you do that it gives you better control of the blade. So you hold the knife like this. You're going to wrap your fingers below it. I've got the onion cut in half. The top removed, skin off, and then you'll notice I make a claw with my hand to keep my fingers out of the way. Make some lateral slices here, about 4, depending on how big it is, 3 or 4. Make some cuts down into the onion here. You'll notice I'm just going to kind of square it up again. And again, you see people chopping all the time, you don't want to do that. Let the tip of the knife never leave the board, and just slice into the onion. I want the onion to be whole. I didn't want it to be processed. This is why I'm slicing it separately. And there we have a nice bit of onion. I'm going to add that to our bowl here. Okay, now we're going to start putting together the chilaquiles. The other bit of item that I worked on also was that I had these white corn tortillas here, So what I've done with these I've put it into a pan, quickly just very quickly, brown them off. And you can see that I've had, make sure you let all the water and oil drain off of them. Usually a paper towel works really well for that. And then I'm going to start moving this up. I also have sweet potatoes here. The sweet potatoes I just sliced, very thinly, just quickly blanched them and then cooled them off. So to build this I'm just going to need to take the tortillas. lay three down. Then we're going to add a little bit of the salsa. I'm using about 1/3 of this because we're going to be doing three layers. I'm going to add about 1/3 of this tofu mixture. And I've also got here some poblano chiles. Now these I just quickly roasted off and peeled. The way that I like to roast them is I actually set them right on my burner, char off the skin and peel them back. So I'm going to be laying down 1/3 of these, and a third of the sweet potatoes. You could also use butternut squash in this, that would be another great, whatever you want to put in here. I love the flavor of sweet and spicy together so this works out really well. So we've got that together, going into our next round. Try to alternate it a little bit. Again maybe use a 1/3 of our salsa. You could also add a little chipotle to this if you like it. It'll give it a nice flavor. Laying in my poblanos, again the tofu mixture. And this tofu is going to give it that creamy kind of silky texture that you normally would get with cheese. Back to the sweet potato. And this is going to be a nice casserole that you can actually cut up into portions, cook off a head of time. It actually freezes really well so it has multiple uses. I get it going ahead of time when people come over, get it going. I'm going to have a little salsa left over. This stuff's great on chips. I want to lay a little of the onion now. I like the kind of bite of the raw onion a little bit on top. Then I've got the rest of the chilies. I'm sorry, and then I need the tofu, one last time. And then we top it off with a few more tortillas. And then I could do sweet potatoes on top. If you can do a nice design I'm going to try to shingle these a little bit. And there we have it. I'm going to do a little salsa on top again. And this is going to go in an oven about 350°. And the final touch here is going to be a little bit of cheese. I'm using a soy cheese. This is a version that will actually melt very nicely. You can also use a rice cheese if you prefer. I like the flavor of the soy cheese. So this goes into the oven 350° about 20 minutes or so and then it's going to be ready to eat.


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