An Origami Heart Stuffed With Candy

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An origami heart stuffed with candy makes a great present to give to someone on Valentine's Day. Make an origami heart stuffed with candy with help from an origami expert in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

This is Al Aki with Origami By Aki. Today, we're going to make a origami heart that's stuffed with or you'll be able to stuff it with candy and instead of starting with a square sheet of paper, which we do in most origami, we're going to start with a rectangle, which is going to be 1 by 2 shape and I'm going to use a little bit bigger paper than you would use for this project, just because of the heart part is a very intricate folds and it'll be harder to see unless it's a little bit over sized. So, you want to take the white side up and you're going to fold it in half long ways and then fold that top part in half again and you're going to fold it in half again, so we've done is, we've got this top half and that's broken down in to four separate sections, now we're going to fold it the long way in half and this we're going to just fold the top part, we don't want to go all the way down and again just the top part we're going to fold that in half on both sides, this is making whats called a cupboard fold, okay. Okay, so now we're going to do is just get the top three sections and fold it over so it knows,] here's, here's it it half and we've broken that down to four sections, we're going to take the top three sections, so as you see this does not go all the way to the bottom and what we're going to do is reverse this fold or actually the first step we're going to do is just fold this little corner down to this line here that's, we made before, so it's basically half way over, do the same on the other side. Okay and we're going to open that up, like this and put this underneath then you'll see the top part will come like this, so the, this is underneath there, do the same thing on the other side and we're lift this part up and just fold this section underneath and that will bring this top part underneath also. So it should look like this. So from this point we're going to do is fold it back over this edge like this, see, so it looks like this and then we're going to fold this in to four sections, so you got four sections like that and then we're going to take the top section and fold it over, so now you have it like this, we've, we've taken this next quarter fold that over and the top quarter we're folding down, so we have just two sections like that and then what we're going to do this little, this part over on both side and we're going to fold this part and lift this up like this and this is going to go underneath, like that, so again we're going to just lift up this section and then have this piece go underneath like that and now you'll notice that the white part, there's actually two sheets of paper here, okay and we're going to take this little top section of the yellow part, then put that in between the two sheets, just like we're hiding it in there, take this yellow part on the top, fold that over, then we're going to open this part up and bring it up, so it comes to a nice point here, this is going to be the bottom part of the heart. So, again we're going to just open this up and what we're really doing is folding this bottom part at a 45 degree angle, it'll come to nice points and it's the bottom of the heart. Now the top part of the heart is made by taking a 45 degree angle here folding back like that, so you're going to leave some of this space and it else making the or the heart here we're, we're not done with it yet and then we're going to do the same thing on the other side, fold down these two corners, okay and then to make it look nice we're going to this little point here and just fold that back, so it makes it more of a rounded look. So, this is how it looks on the other side, you've got the, the point here just folding that point back, like that one and it's, it would be better to do this with foil paper because the folds will hold a little better and it'll just look nice with foil paper. So, this is so you get that rounded effect on the heart there, okay and then to finish it, these is where you would put this part down flat, get your piece of candy here, roll it up, to make something that looks like a Tootsie Roll probably and then you might cut the little ends off to make it look a little nicer and then twist these back maybe put a ribbon around it. So, after you've rolled the candy up, in this case if the paper here is too long best to just fold over the end like this and then you want to kind of twist it a little bit and again if you're using foil paper to, this would look a lot nicer, but you would also put a little ribbon, colored ribbon around the ends there and this would be your, your finished heart with candy stuffed inside. This Al Aki with Origami By Aki, and this is how you make the origami heart stuffed with candy.


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