How to Cut a Regular T-Shirt Into a V-Neck

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You can cut a regular T-shirt into a v-neck quickly and easily with the right tools. Find out how to cut a regular T-shirt into a v-neck with help from a fashion expert in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Kena with the Fashion Camp. I'm at at the beautiful Design Studio at 440 Brannan in San Fransisco. Today, we are going to cut a crew neck T-shirt into a V neck. When cutting your t-shirt and turning it into a V neck from a crew neck, you always want to be sure or a tip that I like to give most people is to stay on the more conservative side. You can always cut the V neck deeper and make it more plunging depending on your style. Start by folding your T-shirt in half like this. And then you are going to eyeball how far you think you might want your V neck to be. I start on the conservative side because I always have the option of going deeper if I choose. So by looking at the top of your shoulder and down here I'm thinking that this looks like a good spot to start cutting, to see if I like the depth of that V neck. As I said if I don't, I can always go deeper. Place a ruler from your V neck to the shoulder and create a straight line. The straight line will help guide your eyes when you are cutting the V neck so it stays nice and straight. Just take your pen and draw alongside the ruler until you hit the point of your V. To start cutting we are going to start in the center and cut down to the point. And then we'll work our way back up this way and work our way back up that way. So taking making sure that you are only cutting the front of it. The front of the T-shirt, not the back. Make a nice straight line and cut to the point and then just go ahead and cut along the diagonal you created. Being sure to do it nice and slow so the line is nice and straight. Take your T-shirt and flip it around, and then you are going to follow the curvature of the back of the neck. Be sure to stay as close to the seam as possible. Turn it around. We've just taken our t-shirt, our crew neck, and turned it into a V neck. I'm Kena with the Fashion Camp at 440 Brannan in San Fransisco.


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