How to Burn the Edges of Paper to Make It Look Old

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One great way to make paper look older is by carefully burning the edges. Burn the edges of paper to make it look old with help from a graphic designer and illustrator in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, everyone. My name is Gene and I'm a graphic designer and illustrator. I've been working in the industry for about 15 years now and today we're going to show you some paper crafts. I'm going to show you how to make paper look old there's a couple of techniques and if you're, if you're under 18, I would definitely get your parents help with this. I know 17 year old's, you're probably out there and your like, well listen what if I'm going to be 18 next month. Do I qualify? No! You don't, I said under 18, not under 17 and 11 months. Anyway get your parents permission because we're probably going to be using fire for this one, so you definitely want some help. Don't do this on your own. Alright so the first thing that I would do to make paper look old is I would dunk all the paper in coffee and then let it dry and the reason that is, coffee is known for it's staining powers, it stains your teeth, it stains your countertops, it stains pretty much everything in sight, it's just a stainer. And that's going to give your, your paper that sort of browned aged look and then you want that paper, which I haven't done that to this paper. You definitely don't want to use a lighter or the stove top or something like that. You want to use one of these, this is just a grill lighter so that you can have a little bit more control and that's so that the fire is not next to your skin because you don't want to burn yourself. And most importantly you want water now I just have a cup of water sitting here, but I would recommend doing this over the sink. The way that you're going to want to do this is you're going to want to get the paper wet so I'm just going to wet the paper a little bit here, I'm just going to do the edge and I'm just going to smear around this water a little bit. Now the reason we do that is again so we can control the flame because you don't want fire just going everywhere and once you have that done take your grill lighter and you want to put the flame underneath the piece of paper and that is so that you can see through the paper to when it starts burning because you don't want to burn the entire piece of paper. You can see the edges, there we go, that's why we have the water. You can see the edges are starting to brown a little bit and if we flip this over, this part here you can see that we're getting that nice like sort of blacked look, there are brown edges and when we wipe this off a little of a little bit later you'll see that it's going to have pretty much exactly what you're looking for. Here's one that I did a little bit earlier you can see we've got some, some browning here and it's a little bit more pronounced around the edges. Anyway that would be the basic way to do, to, to, to burn paper so that it looks old. Like I said I recommend you, you age your paper a little bit first so that it just doesn't look like solid white paper that's burned. And use the technique where you're shooting, at where you're, you're lighting it from underneath so you can see even now I just wiped off a little bit of soot here, but when it drys all of this will be here and it gives it a little bit more of an aged look. So there you have it everybody that is how to make how to make paper look old. Again make sure you get your parents help with this if you're young because we don't want you playing there are a couple of dangerous materials here, but anyway that should, that should suit all of your, your old paper needs. Like if you want to do something where you're, you're writing something and you want to make it look like an old letter or something. That's one way to make it look old. Anyway have fun with that and I hope you guys enjoyed it. I'll see you next time.


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