How to Make Cool Stuff Out of Paper

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There is practically no limit to the amount of cool stuff you can making using regular old paper. Make cool stuff out of paper with help from a graphic designer and illustrator in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hey, everybody. My name is Gene and I'm a graphic designer and illustrator. I've been working in the industry for about 15 years and today we're going to discus some cool things. Alright so one of the cool things that you can make with paper is a die, it's just a simple cube with some numbers on it and we're going to start out, like I start out most of my paper folding things with a cube. I like to keep everything simple, simple shapes. So I've already gridded this out and you want to have essentially a twelve square grid, you got three by four, three by four. okay. Usually I would just start folding this, I'd fold it in half and then I would each of the half's in half, but I want to do it a little differently today because as you may or may not be able to see, I have a little bit thicker paper, this is poster board. So the reason I did it this way is I'm going to score the paper and that's how I'm going to get my folds. Now I'm also going to be taking some of this paper off which we'll, we'll show you that in just a second. Okay, so the first thing I want to do is figure out where I don't need need paper because ultimately dice will need, the die is only six sides so we have one, two, three, four, five, six those are going to be the ones we're using. You could go crazy and use pretty much any of these sides as long as they're attached in a straight line somehow, but so what do we need? I'm going to cut off two squares of this far side and then I'm going to cut off two squares of this side, I'm going to do one of these cross ways, I'm going to of these and the only reason I'm doing this is so I have something to attach everything to later on. I'm going to do exactly the same thing on the opposite side and actually I probably should have come in from a little further, there we go it's still attached, it's just fine, we'll go across and then we'll get our diagonal, okay and I'm going to do the same thing over here. We're just going to do our diagonal first and then we'll do about half a square. I'm using a gridded poster board so I have my measurements right on the board, I just darkened the, the, the lines that we're actually cutting along with a marker so you can see what we're doing and there we go and there we go. Now before I get started I'm going to draw all the numbers on here and the one thing that you have to understand is every three away is an opposite side, so this is the top, this is the bottom, left, right and then front and back. So we're going to go six and then opposite the six is the one, we're going to go two and opposite the two is the three and then we're going to go four and opposite the four is the five. And you can do anything you want here, you can draw little pictures or put little skull and crossbones or little apples or what ever you want. Now do the scoring, I'm actually going to use a straight edge for this which I'm just going to go along my cutting surface, just to make it so that's it's a little, a little more even and what you want to do is just lightly pull the razor across the edge, same thing on the other side, lightly just pull it across and the same thing for these last two lines here. Actually that's a lie they're not the last two we still have this one in the center and I'm going to pull this across and pull this one across and then I'm just to free hand this one because I'm crazy that way. There you go now all that's left to do is fold, so I forgot to pull this one out. Okay, so first let's fold each of the flaps so that the flaps are all back and we're going to use these flaps to attach everything. Then we're going to start folding everything down and there we go and actually I'm going to cut these flaps right here entirely off, cut this flap off because I'm going to use the ones on the side. But it's always easy to, to remove something it's much, much more difficult to add something once you start cutting. Okay, so this is going to work out a little easier and we roll this up, stuff these flaps inside and you give that a little bit of glue or a little bit of tape and you're basically done. Bam, see it's easier to remove. A little glue or a little tape and now you've got yourself a six sided die. Thanks a lot guys. I hope you had some fun and I'll see you next time.


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