How to Sear a Steak in a Black Iron Skillet

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Searing a steak in a black iron skillet is going to require you to master a very important technique. Learn how to sear a steak in a black iron skillet with help from an executive chef in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Mina Newman, Executive Chef of Christos Steak House in Astoria, Queens, New York. Today, we're going to sear a steak in a black iron skillet. You want to season your steak on the outside with both salt and pepper. Again, when purchasing your meat, make sure you look for meat, meat with the most marbling. Here we have a black iron skillet. The black iron skillets are a match thinner metal. It heats evenly and really maintains the heat. The other great thing about the black iron skillet is that you don't need too much oil or butter to cook, to sear your meat because the pans have been seasoned previously. Seasoning mean, meaning that the oils and salt are baked into the iron already creating a really nice surface for cooking where you don't need a lot of fat. What will do is we'll start out with only about a tablespoon of oil and you'll see how this pan gets hot very quickly. We'll tilt our sautee pan forward, we'll add the steak gingerly; taking caution again not to drop the steak because the oil will splatter. Allow the steak to sear; we'll add about a teaspoon of butter. You want to really get a good nice hard sear on the outside of that and that should take about three minutes. So, the steak has finished searing on one side; we'll turn it over and we'll let it continue to sear on the other side. The great thing about this pan is that it really maintains the heat. As you can see, the oil has continued to smoke and the meat is, has a beautiful sear on it on both sides. Oh, and boy that was quick. You'll pull the steak, the pan off and put it right on your plate. You want to let your steak rest prior to cutting into it. For this piece, you'd like to let it rest at least seven minutes. My name is Mina Newman, Executive Chef at Christos Steak House in Astoria, Queens; thank you for watching.


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