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Making barbeque shrimp with mango is actually a very straightforward process that you can complete right at home. Make barbeque shrimp with mango with help from a private caterer and baker in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, this is Luke from the Chef's Academy. I'm gonna show you how to make some barbecue shrimp with mango. I'm starting out with some shrimp. Very simple. I wouldn't go much smaller than this. This is what we call a 21/25, it's 21 to 25 per pound. Next I've got a nice ripe mango. Then I've got a, this is a mango ginger barbecue sauce. People stay away from mangoes because they're not really sure what to do. I peel it first. The seed is about as thick as this part of the knife, and it's a little bit thinner. All you do is cut around the seed. So you have these nice big discs. I can cut the sides off too. Now I have mango ready to do whatever I want. On the skewers, I'm gonna put the shrimp and the mango, but I'm gonna grill it. I'm gonna finish it with some of the mango ginger barbecue sauce, and that's gonna be it. Really simple, really tasty. The skewers I have soaking in water. I've actually soaked them for a couple hours. I don't want the wooden stick to burn on the grill. In putting these together I can do whatever I want. I can wrap the shrimp around the mango. I'm gonna put probably three shrimp per skewer. If you wanna take the tails off, take the tails off. The grill has been preheated. I wanna make sure it's clean, with a brush, the grill brush. Make sure it's lightly oiled so the shrimp doesn't stick. So I'm at the grill. It's been on for 30 minutes. I've got my huge grill brush. Make sure there's nothing that will stick the shrimp onto the grill. I've got the pan spray. So watch this, sometimes that will flare up. I will spray the shrimp just a little bit. I don't want it to stick. I've got the heat on about a medium. If it's too hot, the shrimp will char on the outside without cooking through, if it's too low, the shrimp will, if shrimp cooks too low, it gets kind of mealy. The barbecue sauce that I have has got a lot of flavor. So I'm not so worried about seasoning the shrimp. If it was, like chicken, if it was something larger. I would season it, but the shrimp's small enough that the barbecue sauce is gonna give me everything I need. Some foods we may not turn so much. The shrimp are small, so I wanna make sure they cook as evenly as possible. So the shrimp were about three-quarters cooked. I'm going to apply the barbecue sauce on one side, flip it over, cook it a couple more, a minute or so, flip it again. As it cooks, that flavor penetrates the shrimp. It's gonna get some nice crusty caramelization from the sugars, and we'll be ready to go. So the shrimp is cooked on both sides with the sauce. I'm gonna give it one more flip, one more sauce, plate it up, and we'll be ready to eat. I did get a nice fresh plate, you don't wanna put the cooked shrimp on the raw shrimp plate, and we're ready to go. So this has been Luke with the Chef's Academy, making you some dynamite barbecue mango shrimp.


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