Is Hamburger Meat Spoiled When It Turns Grey or Brown Before Cooking?

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When hamburger meat gets spoiled it will display a few pretty clear signs that you should watch out for. Find out if hamburger meat is spoiled when it turns grey with help from an author and culinary specialist in this free video clip.

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Hi, I'm Kari Underly, the author of the James Beard nominated book, "The Art of Beef Cutting." People are always asking me when is hamburger meat bad. Well the first thing you really have to look for and use are your eyes. So I have three examples here. We have some fresh ground beef, some not so fresh ground beef and some rotten ground beef and so how do you tell. The first thing we're looking at is we're looking for a nice bright red color and you're going to notice, I'm going to break this open and you're going to see that it has different color in here. Now what this is is this is perfectly normal because when we grind hamburger we're encasing it and the oxygen can't get to the center of the meat. Now, when we look at this next option, I'm going to break this open and you'll still see here where you can still see some, a little bit of the pink or the red in the meat, this is still good. Now the big cue to know is when ground beef is bad, besides using your nose and it doesn't smell very nice, is what you'll look for in his ground beef here is actually rotten, but here's where it gets a little tricky because even this looks pink in the middle. So what you really have to focus on is use your eyes and use your nose and make sure it doesn't smell. If ground beef is rotten, it will smell. It will have a slimy consistency, so all things that you need to look for. And always remember to cook ground beef to 160 degrees. I'm Kari Underly and I hope you enjoyed the segment.


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