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Ladder lock extensions need to be used in a very specific way for maximum safety. Learn about ladder lock extension safety with help from a certified firefighter in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Gabriel Williams, I'm a certified firefighter in the state of Illinois. Today, we're going to talk about extension ladder lock safety. There's several things that you need to know and practice to remain safe when using an extension ladder. Extension ladders are tall and a lot of accidents can happen. So let's make sure we're using these things correctly. In the fire service, we use extension ladders a lot. They're great for getting to taller buildings or to second stories. Whether we need to rescue someone from a window or whether we need to get to the top of a roof to cut a hole in the roof to let out toxic smoke and gases. In your taste, you may be using a ladder like this to reach a high window in your house for cleaning or maybe to clean out your gutters or maybe to get that Frisbee off the roof that your child through up there. These right here are the locks of the ladder. When you extend the ladder by pulling on this rope, which we call a halyard, the ladder raises. The portion of the ladder that raises is called the fly section. So I'm going to extend the fly section up right now one click. One click until I see that the locks have passed that rung and then I lower it down and I ensure that it's latched on and hooked to that rung. If it hasn't latched on all the way, what will happen is that it'll come back down. It won't lock and it will keep coming down until I make sure to just put a little upward pressure till it locks in place. Once you've learned the proper way to do this, sometimes you don't even have to look. I always look to double-check, but the sound of it is what should tell that it's locked in place. But make sure you get a good look to make sure it's locked. If we make sure that we're checking all these safety features, that's what's going to keep us safest when working on extension ladders like this with a locking mechanism. My name is Gabriel Williams, and we've been talking about extension ladder lock safety.


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