How to Make a T-Shirt Shorter

Making a t-shirt shorter can be accomplished in just a few quick moments of your time with the right tools. Make a t-shirt shorter with help from an award winning fashion designer in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Sandra Garratt of Sandra Garratt Design and today we're going to talk about a simple way to shorten a T-shirt. Well okay then, let's talk about how we actually shorten a T-shirt. First of all, begin by getting your T-shirt and a lot of the T-shirts today are coming in longer lengths so it gives you time to shorten them, adapt them to yourself for your body proportion in a way that's right for you. So to do this you're going to need your T-shirt, a pair of sharp shears, tape measurer, straight edge ruler or a pencil or a piece of tailor's chalk. I prefer the tailor's chalk because it brushes right out and you can get a good line that isn't permanent or will mark the garment permanently. So to start, lay out your T-shirt and as most T-shirts are flat constructed, there's not too much shape on them so it's just a matter of length. So lay it out nice and smooth and flat and the easy way to get wrinkles out of knits too is just run that little ruler over it and it kind of relaxes all of those wrinkles. So this is a longer T-shirt length. This is almost a tunic length. So I'm thinking maybe I need it two inches shorter. So line up your straight edge, make sure everything is even and then holding it in place, hold it down so you don't have it coming up and just trace along with your tailor's chalk across the hem and then taking your sharp shears, holding it together and then just trimming that in this case, two inches shorter and just trimming that cleanly right across the bottom. And that's a very easy way to shorten your T-shirts. I'm Sandra Garratt, thanks for joining me and learning some simple quick tips on how to shorten your T-shirts.


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