How Do I Make Homemade Cleaner for Carpet Cleaning Machines?

You don't necessarily have to use store-bought cleaner in your carpet cleaning machines. Make homemade cleaner for carpet cleaning machines with help from a carpet cleaning professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hey everyone, I'm Dynamic John of Dynamic Carpet Care and people ask me all the time what's a homemade cleaner I could use in my carpet cleaning machine. Well, when I get asked that question it's kind of a long answer but I'm going to give you the short version. Okay, here's a couple of items you need. You need some dish detergent and a small bucket whether it's a gallon, 2 gallons, this one will work right now. You take a couple of drops of dish detergent and put it into the bucket. More is not better here, you could always add more so just add a couple of drops. Fill it with the water and you'll see the suds in your, in your bucket. Again, you don't want too much soap because that's going to stay in your carpet. Okay, you mix it up, pour it into your machine. Once you pour it into your machine and you start cleaning make sure you go over that area again and again to get out all the moisture and then of course you're going to have your trusty box fan on that area to dry it quicker. So I hope this homemade shampoo for your carpet cleaning machine worked. If it's a, if you're still experiencing problems with your carpet contact a local professional or contact me at: and remember keep it clean my friend.


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