How to Clean Old Brick & Concrete for Painting Indoors

Brick and concrete will need to be cleaned properly before they can be painted. Learn how to clean old brick and concrete for painting indoors with help from a home improvement expert in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi. I'm Chris Bos, construction consultant. What we here to do today, is how to scrape a wall to clean it so it's ready for paint, whether it's brick or concrete. Now, you're going to need three things. First you're going to need a putty knife. something wide, a good four inch, five inch putty is great, not too big or it's a problem. You're going to need a wire brush, preferably something that has a little size to it. Because the smaller it is, the more times you're going to have to go over the area. And then last, a grinder with a cup brush on it. As with any power tool, when you're using this, have your eye protection on. These little metal fibers will actually come spinning out and if they get in your eyes it's done. You're also, when using this, not going to want to put a lot of pressure. So, first thing we're going to do. We're going to scrape the wall of any loose paint that we can get off with this. It should get 75 to 85 percent of the paint off. Because it's a brick wall or concrete, it's not perfectly flat. So, you need to use a wire brush to get in to the mortar. So, you need to really clean the paint off, so when you paint it, it's going to look as good as it can. Last, what we're going to do is the cup brush. When you use this, don't push hard. Brick is soft. This will eat right in to the brick. You don't want to leave divot marks. What you want to do, is just lightly float it over wherever you see something that's looks like it's going to come off. So, that's how you remove paint from a brick or concrete wall for indoor painting. Thanks for watching. I'm Chris Bos.


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