The Best Way to Cut a Mango

There is cutting a mango, and then there is the best way to cut a mango. Learn about the best way to cut a mango with help from a raw and living foods enthusiast in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Elizabeth Fraser of Girl Gone Raw. I'm a raw foods chef and teacher, and I am here today to show you how to cut into a ripe mango, how to slice and dice and cut into it perfectly. So, all you do is, you take your ripe mango, and there's a long thin pit in the center of it. So, I'm just going to set it upright like that, and cut each cheek off. So, you cut into the side of the mango - I call that the cheek. And then, I'll turn and cut the other side off. So, I've got two cheeks. I'll take my paring knife and just trim off the piece around the pit, and my favorite thing to do with that is just to eat it for myself. And, we're revealing the pit inside, or the stone it can be called. It's really long, hard, narrow as you can see. So, there's the pit. And, I've got these beautiful mango halves - two cheeks, and all I'm going to do is take my pairing knife, and I'm just going to cut into it gently. I'm going to make some long thin cuts. And, this is how you would slice a mango. So, I've done that. And, I'm just going to take a plate and a spoon and pull it out. So, you just work the spoon around the mango, and we're going to have some nice mango slices. And, the riper the mango, the easier it is to slice. So, there they are, beautiful mango slices, nice and juicy. I didn't cut all the way through, but you could just take your paring knife and do that. So, there we have some gorgeous mango slices. And now, if we want to dice it, we take the other half, and again, you just score the mango, making long slicing lines. And then, I'm going to zigzag it and come the other way. So, this is how we dice. And, there are a couple of things you can do. We could scoop it out, like we did the slices, or we could turn it - fan it out like that - and simply slice the mango off into a dish. And, we have great little cubes that are perfect for salads. Yum. I love ripe mango. And, there we have it. I'll show you the beautiful cubes we've got. Some nice cubes, ready to eat. And again, I'm Elizabeth Fraser of Girl Gone Raw, and this video is about how to cut into a mango perfectly, slicing and dicing.


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