How to Clean Baked-On Stains Off an Enamel Stove Top

An enamel stove top is deceptively delicate. Find out how to clean baked-on stains off of an enamel stove top without damaging it with the help of a cleaning coach in this free video.

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Video Transcript

Hi my name is Leslie Reichert and I'm the cleaning coach. You can go to for more tips and tricks like the one we're going to do today. Today I'm going to show you how to clean the enamel on the top of your stove. The one thing you want to be very careful about is not to scratch it but sometimes you get some real built up grease there and you want to get it off. So my recommendation first is to remove all the burners and the rings and this comes out in one piece and then there's a couple different things we can try. My favorite is just plain old baking soda, use it with a wet rag and just go over the enamel quickly and you'll see that it's a lifter, it's a natural lifter and it's going to take the built up grease right off. If you have something that's really not going to come off, you can try a couple other different things. This is called an Eco Sponge and this is going to use the technology of friction to heat up the grease and the build up to get that to come off for you, again without scrubbing and not using anything harsh on it because you don't want to scratch it. The third thing you can try if it's really not coming off is you want to get something that works on nonstick pans and this sponge, even though it's aggressive, it's not going to scratch the enamel but it's going to work a little bit harder on that to get it all off. So you notice the combination of the three, we did a nice job of getting the built up grease off of there and then all you have to do is wipe everything down with some hot soapy water and you're ready to go. Simple things for simple cleaning. My name is Leslie Reichert and I'm the cleaning coach. You can go to for more tips and tricks just like this. I wish you happy cleaning.


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