How to Clean Tea Kettles

A clean tea kettle is a happy tea kettle. Clean tea kettles with help from a cleaning coach in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi my name is Leslie Reichert and I'm the cleaning coach. You can visit my website for more tips and tricks just like this. Today we are going to clean out the mineral deposits on the inside of your teapot. What happens is when you are using your teapot over and over again the water buildup, the minerals will catch on the sides and the bottom of your teapot. So we are going to clean those out. Now one tip I heard of which I've never really tried before is actually putting marbles in here with a little bit of water and rolling them around. Now I don't have any marbles but we are going to try something a little different. I'm going to use ice cubes. So I'm going to put the ice cubes inside there. And then I'm going to add a little bit of salt. And this is going to make it so it turns into almost like a scrub. The salt is going to start to melt the ice cubes and we are just going to swish it around like that. The other thing you can use inside of here are any other different kinds of acids. We have natural acids in white vinegar so we can pour a little bit of that. You can mix these all together and they are all going to work together to get those mineral deposits off. The other thing you can use is lemon juice. Again a natural acid and it's going to go inside there and we are going to work on the mineral deposits with that. So we've got all that working inside there. You stir it up. The ice cubes are acting like a scrub. You can also go down inside with a sponge and really give it a good scrubbing inside there. The other thing you want to try and find is a little brush just like this to go down inside the nozzle. Because the water coming out actually builds up inside there as well. So you want to find a nice little bottle brush. Go down scrub that down inside. So we've got lemon juice, hydrogen peroxide that will disinfect it. White vinegar to clean it out with a natural acids. Salt and ice cubes. That's a little simple things you can use to clean out the mineral deposits in your tea kettle. So my name is Leslie Reichert I'm the cleaning coach. And you can visit me at Happy cleaning.


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