How to Clean Racks in a Self Cleaning Oven


Just because your oven is self cleaning doesn't mean the racks are as well. Clean racks in a self cleaning oven with help from a cleaning coach in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi my name's Leslie Reichert and I'm the Cleaning Coach. You can visit my website at for more tips and tricks like the one we're going to do today. Now if you have a self cleaning oven that's great, but you still have to wash or clean the oven racks by hand. So today we're going to do that. So, inside the oven here we're going to pull this rack out. And you can see the build up that's on there. What you want to do is just wipe it off a little bit first just to get anything that's built up. See how it's coming off just by that? And then we're going to use rubbing alcohol. Rubbing alcohol is actually going to cut through some of the grease. And we're going to use a special new kind of sponge called an eco-sponge. So we're going to put the rubbing alcohol right on the sponge. And there's two things that's happening here, the alcohol is actually going to cut through the built up grease and then the eco-sponge is actually using friction to clean off the built up grease that's on there as well. See? See what we're doing? So you're just going to lightly go over everything and just keep rubbing it. The eco-sponge, again, it's using friction so the more you rub it the harder it's going to work for you. And it's just going to clean up all that grease and build up. After you go over it a few times then what you're going to do is put it in the sink, use some just light soapy water, rinse it off really well, and you're good to go. It's a simple thing. Just rubbing alcohol and the special eco-sponge to do the trick for you. You can see more about what I do at and you can actually see the eco-sponge there as well. Just go up to the top corner and push Shop. So these are simple things you can do for simple cleaning tips. My name is Leslie Reichert and I'm the Cleaning Coach. Happy cleaning.


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