How to Make Microwavable Eggs

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You don't necessarily need a pot or pan if you want to cook eggs. Make microwavable eggs with help from a chef and culinary instructor in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Dana Johnson and I'd like to welcome you to learn how to make microwavable eggs. So much fun. This is so convenient the kids can do this by themselves. Well it depends how old they are of course. I think a 13 year old made it last night and loved it. So it's not only good for breakfast but any time of the day. I have two eggs and a fork and just a little splash of water. I'm going to take some non-stick cooking spray. I'm going to coat the inside of this coffee mug. I'm going to take some crumbled bacon. Place it in the bottom. Probably about a good teaspoon or two. And you can take some grated cheese about the same amount and put that in. So now you are going to take this egg mixture and pour it in here. And I have a 1000 watt microwave oven so microwave ovens due vary. But for this I need it to be for one minute and 30 seconds. I used the bacon and the cheese in the bottom of the coffee mug but you can use other things, variations as well. Maybe peppers or onions, whatever you like to cook with your eggs. Anything maybe like mushrooms and cheese. Something that you might create as an omelet for example. We're on. Oh and there it went, it went and creeped back down. So how about this, this is the coolest two eggs from a microwave you'll ever see. Look at that. Oh can you see it. With the intense heat of microwave cooking you have to always remember when you take it from the microwave oven up to two minutes after it still continues to cook. A lot of times you'll see that even on frozen meals of certain types. It will tell you let it sit for one minute. The reason is it's continuing to cook. So we are still continuing to cook here. So for more recipes please visit me at


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