How to Easily Cut an Acorn Squash

Cutting an acorn squash doesn't have to be difficult. Learn how to easily cut an acorn squash with help from an experienced cooking teacher in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Welcome, my name is Chef Mark Alan. I'm the owner of Chef Mark Alan Sauces and Seasonings, Simple Solutions for Flavorful Food. Over the next few minutes I'm going to show you how to easily cut and prepare acorn squash. All you'll need is a large chef knife, a smaller chef knife for peeling and I'll show you a quick and easy way to use an ice cream scoop to make this a simple preparation. We start by slicing a small section off the bottom of the acorn squash and again this is simply to give you a nice flat spot to work with. We're going to cut both ends off, both the top and the bottom. We're going to take our larger knife and again just simply invert it down into the squash, pushing down to where the tip touches on the board and push down. See how nice and easy that is? Turn this squash around, put it back into the same position, again back into the cutting board where it just touches the cutting board, hold the squash, give it a nice little move down. The squash will pop right open. See how easy that is? Take your ice cream scoop, always start at one end or the other, that's how squash grow, give it a quick little turn and it will pop right out. To peel the squash then, simply take the smaller knife and just work it all the way down. You'll lose just a little bit of squash but that's okay. There will be a small amount left over and we're just going to go back through and trim that up real quickly, just from the bottom, just getting all those little pieces off and our squash is ready to be cubed or sliced or pared for whatever application, whatever recipe is coming up next. So you can use this simple technique for everything from the small acorn squash to even the large pumpkins. Thanks for watching. I'm Chef Mark Alan, the well seasoned chef.


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