How to Cook Butternut Squash in a Frying Pan

One way to cook butternut squash is through the use of a frying pan. Learn how to cook butternut squash in a frying pan with help from an experienced cooking teacher in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Welcome, I'm Chef Mark Alan, owner of Chef Mark Alan Sauces and Seasonings, simple solutions for flavorful foods. Over the next few minutes, I'm going to show you how to prepare and cook butternut squash in a frying pan. I have a lovely recipe called butternut squash with rosemary sage apple cider glaze. This is a lovely accompaniment for fish, chicken, pork, so let's get started. We're going to have, we need one butternut squash, which you're going to peel and cube, and then you're going to microwave it for about three minutes. And the reason that I do that is that when I want it, when it goes into the frying pan, butternut squash cooks from the outside in, in a frying pan, and from the inside out in a microwave. So when you combine those two elements together, you get perfectly cooked squash, otherwise you get burned squash on the outside, not cooked on the inside, not what you're looking for. We have a little sage, a little rosemary, I've got three tablespoons of butter heating up in the saut? pan, a little salt and a little pepper and a touch of red wine vinegar, and then a little apple cider and that gives ya, this is what your glaze is. So the squash has been in the microwave for about three minutes, comes back out, we're going to put that into the pan with the melted butter...that nice little sizzle we all love...take the rosemary in it's entirety, the entire twig, and put in there because we're going to remove that a little bit labor, later. We want the essence of rosemary, but we don't want the twigs or the stems from rosemary. The sage, however, what we do want to keep in, so we're going to dice that up just coarsely, add that to the pan. The aroma's already coming up. I've got apple cider. Oh that's just, I wish you could smell this, it's just beautiful. We have some local apple cider here and all we're going to do is thicken that apple cider up by letting it cook for three or four minutes. We've got a touch of red wine vinegar and that gives it a nice little balance. We've got the heat turned to about medium, touch of salt, pepper. At this point, I'm going to remove the rosemary because it has done exactly what it's job was which was to season this particular dish, as we're already thickening. Getting a beautiful glaze on this. Our lovely butternut squash with rosemary sage apple cider glaze, been cooking for about the last three minutes, it's thickened up just beautifully. We've got a little ham over here that we're going to present it with and then it's time for dinner. Just spoon a little bit on to everybody's plates. Step back and listen to 'em ooh and ahh. I'm Chef Mark Alan, the "Well Seasoned" chef, thanks for watchin'!


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