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Hailing from England during an age when milk and cream were delicacies to be enjoyed only on special occasions, eggnog has since worked its way across the Atlantic and into our holiday traditions. You can find it next to the milk at your local store, but it’s easy and delicious to follow Joe Campanale and make your own.

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Hi. I'm Joe Campanale for Today we're going to make a classic holiday drink, eggnog. Eggnog is something that you see. It' really popular in the United States and Canada. And it's based on raw beaten eggs, milk, cream, spices and some really great spirits like brandy and rum. Eggnog is actually something that got its start in England with the aristocracy and milk and cream were very, very expensive. So aristocracy would have them on the very fanciest of holidays. In the eighteenth century, it came over to the Colonies. And brandy had a huge tax on it, so in the Colonies we would make all sorts of bourbons, whiskeys and we go a lot of rum from the Triangle Trade. So we made our eggnog with rum and whiskey and that's the version that I'm going to make for you today. So. The recipe that I like to use is something that's out of Dale Degroff's book, The Craft Of The Cocktail. And Dale Degroff is the godfather of modern mixology. He is the very, very best. He knows every cocktail, the history behind all sorts of drinks and he has a couple of great cocktail books. So you start with six eggs and what you do is separate the yolks from the whites. So you're going to beat the yolks until you get this really nice pale yellow color and you separate the whites for later. See now it starts to ribbon. That's when you know that it's in a good place. And then you're going to add, let's start with a quart of milk. I really like this Ronnybrook milk. It's a local farm. But you can use any whole milk. And a pint of cream. And you'll see some other recipes that will use a little bit more cream. I like this because the higher portion of milk means that it's going to be lighter and you can drink a lot more of it. OK. So now we'll do six ounces of dark rum. You can use spiced rum or any dark rum. Captain Morgan is fine. This is one of my favorites. I also like Black Seal. And then six ounces of your favorite bourbon whiskey. Do a little bit more. Now that we have all this, we can make a little bit more room. There we go. Now remember we separated six eggs. And I've taken the whites and beaten them into stiff peaks. I'm just going to give it a little bit more of a whisk. Now I know that some of us are afraid of using raw eggs. And if you are afraid of using raw eggs, you can check out my fake eggnog or eggnog fake out recipe on But it's totally OK to use the raw eggs. Just make sure that if you touch the shells, you wash your hands really thoroughly. Alright. No what you want to do is, fold in your egg whites. And the reason they beated the egg whites is so that you add a lot more air to the whites and really lightens up your cocktail. So now we're just going to fold this in. You know what? I'm going to use my whisk. Which make it a little bit easier. You don't want to beat it too much because you want to keep all that nice air. There you go. Just fold that in. Alright! You can now, now you can pour into your favorite punch bowl. And take a glass. If you can get really nice, big ice cubes, the larger the ice cube, the better it's going to be. Because it's not going to water down your drink and it'll keep it nice and cold. Just ladle out a little bit. See how frothy and smooth that is? Whoa! And then to finish it off, you just add a little bit of fresh grated nutmeg or cinnamon. Whichever you prefer. And there it is. That is a traditional eggnog cocktail that's made a little bit lighter because it has a bit more milk. It has those beaten egg whites which makes it really nice and frothy. And the next time you're going to throw a party, don't go to the store and buy the premade eggnog. See how easy that was? You can just make it at home. My name is Joe Campanale. Tune in to for more. Cheers!

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